Ride and two crash set ups

Generally when I use 2 crashes and a ride, it's this setup: 18" A Custom crash, 22" AAX Omni (also a crash), 19" A medium-thin crash.
So do you bring all of them for those brushes old school swing country rockabilly gigs?

yeah...the brushes jazz group "turns into" a country/rockabilly band when the occasion calls for it, so all of those cymbals are in my bag for that group
The variety pack. (y)
It’s the spice of life my friend! :D (y)
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" two crash cymbals ...geeze. what are you guys playing arena's?"

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I almost always use hats, one ride, and two crashes. Currently I am using these Sabians.

19" SR2 Heavy (ride)
17" AAX Concept Crash (very low pitched)
16" AAX Concept Crash (very high pitched)
14" Xs20 Hats

This is all going to change in about five weeks. Peace and goodwill.
I mostly play a 2 crash and 1 ride configuration (and hats, of course). My “sets” are:

Rock gig:
22” 70s A Ping Ride
20” 60s A Crash
19” 90s A Medium Thin Crash

“Whatever” gig:
20” 80s K Crash Ride
16” 80s K Dark Crash
16” 90s A Thin Crash

Weekly church gig:
22” 70s A (thin) Ride
16” 90s A Custom Crash
15” 90s A Custom Crash

Teaching set #1:
20” 00s K Special Dry Ride
18” 90s A Medium Thin Crash
16” 00s Armand Medium Thin Crash

Teaching set #2:
Whatever cymbals I feel like throwing up there. Right now, it’s:
22” K Con MTL
17” A Custom Crash
16” 60s A thin crash
Gearing up to go out with a 24 2002 ride..18 fast crash signature..20" signature full crash..14 K Fat hats and a 4 piece. Bare minimum but built for power. No..not Pantera power but maybe?..kinda like Charlie borrowing JR Robinsons kit..or parts of it. Know what I mean jelly bean.
I have a few different set ups I use. Lately, it's been 20" rides, even though I have 22" versions of both my go-to rides.

All Paiste...

20" 602ME Ride
18" 602 ME Crash
18" Giant Beat
(14" 602ME hats)


20" 2002 Ride
18" 2002 Crash
18" 2002 Big Beat
(14" Sig Dark Crisp hats)

I also have a Big Beat and Giant Beat set ups I break out for certain gigs.

22" Big Beat or 24" Giant Beat
19" Giant Beat
19" Big Beat
(16" Big Beat hats or 16" Giant Beat hats)