If you could start over


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What would you change. Starting earlier?..moving to large city?. Is it to late?. I wanted to study with Stanley Spector which is to late. I would have purchased sonor phonics when they were in production. I would have learned to read at a young age.
As an old traditional grip only guy , I wish I had learned to play matched grip and open handed. Floor toms and left side cymbals would be so much easier to reach with the left hand, and no more of this crossover crap with the hats/ snare.
I would have started earlier, but my parents wouldn't let me haha.
Besides that:

1) Never should have sold my Pearl Export
2) Take more lessons and delve into other musical styles
3) Learn to read and play along to sheet music (i have basic understanding of sheet music, but i can't read and play at the same time)
4) Open handed playing
5) Should have bought that Turkish Cymbals 16" Studio Crash that sounded heavenly even though it didn't match with me other crashes
I would have sought out an instructor like Gary Chester or Alan Dawson. Oh I would have invested in Apple at it's IPO
I should have been a golf pro. Easy money.
Or a college football coach. Better money.

Started playing drums before 26.
Looking at where I've ended up I should have been a John Good somewhere. Sizes..depths..wood types have all caused to much turmoil in my life 😠.
I should have pushed my way through sight reading. I always had a mental block with it. It made playing in Big Bands a chore instead of a joy.
I should never have retired at 27. Then again at 41. I should have never given up in the first place. I have about 300 regrets, Too many to list here.
Once upon a time I wished I had gone pro when I was in my 20's but now I'm kind of glad that I didn't. Gigging once per month is all that I need.

I wish I had taken some lessons years ago because my rudiments suck but there's nothing stopping me from taking lessons now. That's the only thing I would change.
I would have studied with a legit Gladstone or Morello student to learn hand technique. I would also have taken drum set a lot more seriously, a lot sooner, instead of just treating it like concert percussion’s trashier cousin.
I would have left Florida for Nashville and tried to get into studio work, and I wouldn’t be as snobby about music as I used to be.