Greatest opening drum intro

Fireball. Deep Purple.
Bargain. The Who
Two Princes. Spin Doctors
Hot for Teacher . VanHalen
Chattahoochee. Alan Jackson
Follow. Sevendust
When the levee breaks . Zeppelin , and any other Bonham intro .

So many more . Can’t even think they’re all rushing into the cranium at once head 🤯.
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Toto Song: Nice...thought it was Jeff doin' his calling Elvis groove. But it appears that Simon is in the video.
Don't matter......smooth.
oh man...soooo many good answers it is making my head spin

have not yet seen:

Run To the Hills - Iron Maiden

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

Red Hot - Motley Crue
There are too many to list... or are there?

One of my favorites, and it's super simple, is "Waiting For The Wind" by Spooky Tooth. The beauty of it is, it's over 30 seconds long! That's kind of an eternity for drum intros! My guess is that the drummer was playing to a click so the echo would be consistent. Once he was locked in, the song started. But it stands alone as a cool intro, so they left it in! Maybe... :) In listening to the fills at the end, I'm sure there was a click running. they're just a bit too deliberate.

One of my faves too, Jon. Love Spooky Two. I was FB friends with Mike Kellie.
If you like that, you'll LOVE this! 😮

I just learned two days ago that I've been playing the rock n roll intro wrong for the last 30 years! haha
Like so many drummers, I thought the intro started on the one.
Also, that little richard snare is the beefiest I've heard from a 50's recording. Sounds more 70's. 🙀
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