Greatest opening drum intro


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Depending on the genre of your choice or your particular style there are so many options… but for hard rock fans this is one drum intro for the ages.
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There are too many to list... or are there?

One of my favorites, and it's super simple, is "Waiting For The Wind" by Spooky Tooth. The beauty of it is, it's over 30 seconds long! That's kind of an eternity for drum intros! My guess is that the drummer was playing to a click so the echo would be consistent. Once he was locked in, the song started. But it stands alone as a cool intro, so they left it in! Maybe... :) In listening to the fills at the end, I'm sure there was a click running. they're just a bit too deliberate.

honky tonk woman. good times bad times
Honky Tonk Woman… the cowbell and Charlie grooving on the offbeat is sublime