Art Blakey


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I totally get this. But personally I love him for it. Without it I might still be trying to start at Elvin on A Love Supreme and wonder WTF it was all about and if I'd ever be able to get a handle on it.

I attribute it to his strong sense of 2 and 4 and it was exactly what this back beat orientated rock drummer needed to finally be able to develop a far deeper appreciation of the jazz form.

I often see threads where rock/back beat drummers are wondering "how to get into jazz". I reckon the perfect place to start is with Blakey on Moanin' or Mobley's Soul Station or the like. But no doubt "the rock drummer's jazz drummer" was my launching point to finally being able to get inside so much more.
Really identify with this myself too.


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Congratulations The kit looks mint, and Im pretty sure the wrap is called "Sapphire Blue".

Bit confused with the dates though, the Art Blakey kit I know is in the 74 catalogue, which has a 73 print date on it lol...