1. Å

    Zildjian Cluster Splash?

    Hello everyone, I stumbled across the video of Aaron Spears playing "The Pretender" on Drumeo's YouTube channel, and I was curious what splash he had on his kit. To me, my mind jumped to K Sweet or K Cluster, but from certain angles in the video, it looked like there were unusual hammerings...
  2. Doraemon

    Zildjian Alchem-e first impressions

    TLDR: it's very nice. First of all, there's a list of places where you can see the kit (it can only be pre-ordered, I think they ship in June). I went to GC in Manhattan. https://zildjian.com/pages/alchem-e-electronic-drum-kits I'm sure there are many differences, but this was the closest to...
  3. I-P

    Zildjian Cymbal bag,.lists lines from 40 years ago

    Cleaning up today and came across this old cymbal bag I got in a Zildjian Cymbal set when I was starting out (teenager). Note the "360 years". Their lines were a lot simpler then.
  4. The Minifig Drummer

    Horrible Hi-Hats

    So I recently bought my first drum set off of Craigslist ( used ) and the hi-hats... Sound awful I don't know if its me, incorrect assembly, or bad/cheap cymbals but was just looking for some advice especially since I don't have deep pockets to go spending on some 2002 15" Paiste Hats ( if...
  5. E

    Desert Island Cymbal Pack

    After putting down the sticks and selling my last kit (Yamaha Recording Custom) 35-years ago, I'm building a new drum kit. I've decided on the shell pack (20" BD/10-12-14 toms) and I'm unlikely to play gigs or in the studio, but as a successful audio engineer here in Nashville, I know what good...
  6. R

    Refurbished 1975 Pearl Jazz/Rock Fusion kit

    I bought this kit off of a friend of mine that bought in it new in 1976 (1975 manufacture). It's the white leatherette finish that is still the craze today (slow down, Francis, it's not for sale). The cool thing is the fact that it came with all original hardware and cymbals. The original...
  7. Dignan

    Branching out (Cymbal OCD trigger warning)

    After years of not posting here, I’m back. And years of playing only Zildjian, I started getting a hankering to try some Paiste cymbals. I just picked up this used Giant Beat Multi 20” and a new PST7 19” thin crash. Man, do they all look out of place together like that. 🤣. Not sure how well...
  8. K

    Zildjian 15" Hi-Hat comparison video

    Hi! I recently recorded a comparison video of my Zildjian hi-hat cymbals, featuring Fat Hats, New Beat, K Sweet, K Light, Kerope and Quick Beat hats. What are your favourites?
  9. jefftripoli

    Mystery Zildjian

    Does anyone know what the hell kind of cymbal this is? Its SUPER heavy at (I believe) 20" or 22". I would love to know it the name of this type of cymbal, how it may have been used and its origin. It sounds like a ride....
  10. KenDoken

    Turkish K Zildjian ID help

    A friend picked up an old K 16" in a job lot sale. He offered to trade me for a pint of beer. There are some cracks and tearing round the centre hole I'm looking to get it valued before he does something silly. Any help on identification is gratefully accepted
  11. MazdaRex

    New-to-me cymbals! Hope I did well?

    After several weeks of shopping, I got some cymbals to go with my Tama Imperial Star shell pack. MANY thanks to the people here and all the discussions I read on different cymbal tones, timbres, brilliance, and many other descriptors I am still learning! I'm near Denver, so ended up at the Lodo...
  12. D

    Should I Upgrade My Cymbals

    Hi I have Stagg DX Cymbals and i was wondering wether to keep them or upgrade. If I upgrade I can get Zildjian ZXT Pack Zildjian ZHT Pack Paiste PST 5 Pack Or Paiste Alpha H-Hats Paiste Alpha Ride Zildjian A-Fast Crash This will cost about as much as the Zht Pack If i get the cheaper packs I...
  13. SharkyBait911

    Cleaning Fingerprints Off Cymbals

    HELP : Cleaning Fingerprints Off Cymbals Hey Guys !!!! Just a question for you , Ive got some planet z's that ive just cleaned up with my new Zildjian cymbal cleaner and it worked a treat but my cymbals are old (Maybe 2 years) and there was some finger marks on them actually there were loads...
  14. G

    Which are better, Sabian or Zildjian?

    Ok, I'm kind of a beginner, and I was wondering which cymbals are better, Sabian or Zildjian? I've heard Sabians are cheaper with a better warranty but Zildjians are better quality and better looking. Is all this true, and is there more? I'm on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality for...
  15. LeeLovesSabian

    What is the best cymbal brand?

    Just thought I'd like to see opionions. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste, or Meinl? I vote Sabian of course
  16. DrewTheShoe

    K Mastersounds

    In my quest for better cymbals, I have stumbled upon the K Mastersounds. I personally love them. I love the sound they make, the characteristic Mastersound chick to 'em, and the fact that I know that K's will have a pretty sweet resale value. I'm just concerned about whether or not they would...
  17. darknessdude16

    Sabian equivalent to Z Customs

    Hi guys, Just a quick question that will probably get answered in the first reply :p But can anyone tell the Sabian equivalent to the Zildjian Z Custom line, if there is an equivalent at all? Obviously there will not be a direct line in Sabian cymbals that match everything about the Z...
  18. Daphfz

    My Pearl BLX Kit... A Work In Progress =)

    Heya's, I thought I'd post some pics of my BLX to fit in lol. I also have a vid on youtube if u wanna hear it: Pearl BLX Youtube Video Heres the specs: Toms: 10" x 10" 12" x 10" 13" x 11" 16" x 16" Bass Drums: 22" x 18" (x2) Snare: 14" x 5" Conqueror Snare Cymbals: 14" Zildjian ZBT...
  19. A

    Paiste pst 5s, Meinl gen x or Zildjian zhts

    I just started drumming and just dont know that much about cymbals but these all look for good my price range since they come in box sets also i like the free stuff so paiste pst 5s meinl gen x or zildjian zhts?
  20. A

    Zildjian ZHTs anyone?

    I'm buying my first good drum set and i'm pretty sure the tama superstar hyper drive suits my needs.but i was wondering what cymbals.I need to be stage ready fast.price range is $1500 for drum set and cymbals.So with that set ($900) that leaves $600 for cymbals.Also standard or rock or pro which...