My Pearl BLX Kit... A Work In Progress =)


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I thought I'd post some pics of my BLX to fit in lol.
I also have a vid on youtube if u wanna hear it:
Pearl BLX Youtube Video

Heres the specs:
10" x 10"
12" x 10"
13" x 11"
16" x 16"

Bass Drums:
22" x 18" (x2)

14" x 5" Conqueror Snare

14" Zildjian ZBT Hi-Hats
16" ZBT Crash
18" ZXT Crash
12" ZBT Splash

I also have a 20" ZBT Ride, But I'm Selling It On Ebay.


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Nice setup! The drums may be a little worn but they're great drums for sure. Those toms have got to project pretty well.
thanks, yea the drums sound awesome but they are hell to tune properly, must just be the skins. i just gotta work on gettin better cymbals.
Yeah, the Pearl BLX sound great with right heads, I use them in the studio often and have Evans G1 clears on them. Or Remo Ambassadors. Get something like that and You should find tuning will be fairly easy and they'll sound great.
awesome, thanks for the advice. tell me what sorta cymbals would you recommend for black metal(Dark) Drumming?
Everey company, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Istanbul, mienl make good cymbals that fit what you need, best bet is to go to a local music store and find the ones that sound best to your needs. You'll of course want heavier Models for metal music. I'm a zildjian guy, so Of course I'd tell you to check out the Zildjian Z series, or Zildjian A Rock.
Paiste RUDE cymbals are made for metal. And sound pretty nice too.
Awesome, My mate recommended Sabian AAX's, they any good?
Awesome, My mate recommended Sabian AAX's, they any good?

They're very good. Overall very bright and cutting. Even within that line there is offered a number of different models for crash, hi-hat and ride cymbals as well as others.
Alrighty Thankyou very much for your advice =), i'm gonna go down to da shops tomorrow and test some of them out.
nice to see another BLX
awesome kits, sound and project really well.
I had trouble for years trying to tune mine properly, then I ditched the pinstripes, I now use evans heads on mine, G2 over G1 and a mixture of AAX and HH cymbals, great combination all round.
Yea I found some at the store, they sound ALOT better then my ZBT's, But i think i'll search around for some good meinl's and see what the sound difference is... And when i do find good cymbals i'm gonna have to sell my cymbals and just buy some hats n a crash, coz ZBT's dont really fetch that much used.. that or get a job lol.... and there arent that many stores around ere that have positions available for a 15yr old lol
this is a SICK kit, i'm just about to finally get my first blx kit, i'm getting a 5 piece with custom made cases for only 600? i mean i think thats insane, anybody else?
:D thanks, i'm very proud of it, its 30 years old and still going strong :D