1. J

    Pearl R2 air and other mounts…

    Has anyone had success with mounting the Pearl R2 suspension mount to another L arm? For example the DW L arm or any other? Just curious if this is possible or if you have to buy Pearl’s Gyro L arm for it to work. I’m sure it’s been posted about so if anyone has any info that would be awesome!
  2. M

    Info on Old pearl drum kit

    Hi all, I have this old Pearl drum kit. From what I can find out, it is from the 60’s with the gold script badge. They seem to be wrapped in black, but where it’s peeling shows what could be an interesting pattern. I was just wondering if anyone could share any knowledge on the kit and if it...
  3. drumkid88

    I haven't posted in like 10 years. Here's my Pearls

    Pearl Masters Custom MMX in Sunrise Fade Pearl Session Studio SBX in Blue Burst (12x9 tom not shown)
  4. SomeBadDrummer

    Vintage 1960's Pearl Sparkle Blue kit - value thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I have a vintage 1960's Pearl kit with original blue sparkle wrap, and mostly original hardware (including ancient HH and camco BP). I own another kit and am thinking about selling this one which I picked up on impulse a few years ago at a local music store the day after they...
  5. Totigerus

    New Pearl L Arm thoughts?

    Why now after 70 years of being proprietary are Pearl deciding to play nice with others? (or are they? like what's the L arm's size? It looks like a 12.7 but not quite sure) This is making me think twice about Pearl, (in a good way) since I never liked their tube style tom arms for being...
  6. Dutch Drummer

    When can you call a drum set or snare drum vintage?

    Dear fellow drummers, Since I was patching up an old steel snare (bought it somewhere around 1988) I was wondering if I could call this snare a vintage snare. My gut feeling said 'yes' but thinking about the real age of it (about 37 years) I thought 'no'. But I was not sure wich was the right...
  7. M

    Help identify drum model

    Hi everyone, this is my first drum kit and I know very little about it. The only thing I'm certain of is that the floor tom is a wood-fiberglass model probably from the late 70s. All the other components are without fiberglass so it's a mix. Does someone know the name of the model for the bass...
  8. A

    Need advice for choosing a Drum Kit

    Hello Everybody! I am new here and I would like to ask you a question. I have the chance and/or opportunity to purchase a new drum kit. First I would like to play mostly rock, hard rock, metal and others. 3 kits caught my attention and I would appreciate your comments and advice. 1. Used -...
  9. Johnny from the block

    Get this wrap off!

    Hi all, a while ago I bought a second hand Pearl free floater. I love the sound of it... But: the previous owner damaged the finish in some way (he didn't explain) and therefor he wrapped it in silver sparkle. Because I thought he overdid the sparkles a bit, he was willing to re-wrap it for me...
  10. P

    How to contact Pearl?

    I purchased a Pearl Eliminator double pedal about 2 years ago, after approx. 1 year the chain slider bracket broke. I have been waiting a year now for the part to arrive. How can I contact Pearl to ask them "whats up?" I need my pedal, one year is too long. Can any other brand of pedal's part...
  11. L

    Pearl Reference vs Sonor Delight

    Hi, I am about to purchase a new drum kit, but I really can't decide between a Pearl Reference and a Sonor Delight. Can anyone on this forum help me please? I don't want to spend $10,000 on a kit and then regret it (yes,that's how much they cost in Malta. Thanks alot for your help!! Jonathan
  12. Daphfz

    My Pearl BLX Kit... A Work In Progress =)

    Heya's, I thought I'd post some pics of my BLX to fit in lol. I also have a vid on youtube if u wanna hear it: Pearl BLX Youtube Video Heres the specs: Toms: 10" x 10" 12" x 10" 13" x 11" 16" x 16" Bass Drums: 22" x 18" (x2) Snare: 14" x 5" Conqueror Snare Cymbals: 14" Zildjian ZBT...
  13. dr.funkenstien

    Pearl rack and DW

    Hello everyone. I own a dw drum kit the shells are 10, 12, 14, 16, and 22 kick. and Zildjian cymbals. 16 A custom crash, 17 A custom projection crash, 16 Oriental China, 20 A custom ride, 9 K custom hybrid splash, 6 A custom splash, 14 A hats. I've just purchased a Pearl DR-503 rack. it came...
  14. 805Drummer

    Dude! Totally WICKED Double Bass drum set! It's red and black...

    So, remember my last thread? When I got that PDP 805? It's been a couple months, and I have some new pictures. I found these drums on Craigslist that I went to pick up, but the thing is, they were total crap. Except the people selling them recommended a local music store where everything is...