Pearl rack and DW


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Hello everyone. I own a dw drum kit the shells are 10, 12, 14, 16, and 22 kick. and Zildjian cymbals. 16 A custom crash, 17 A custom projection crash, 16 Oriental China, 20 A custom ride, 9 K custom hybrid splash, 6 A custom splash, 14 A hats. I've just purchased a Pearl DR-503 rack. it came with 4 clamps and two holders for cymbal arms that go on the the corners of the front piece. I'm new to racks. The clamps clearly don't work for DW drums since the mounting on the toms are totaly different. I'd like to get my whole set up on this rack (except kick and hats, and snare ofcourse). can it work somehow with the pearl clamps? Do I need different clamps? extra pieces? help me out please. thanks.
The rack should work with any drums. Do you have a DW shell pack only,
no tom arms with it?
Because the tom arms have to be mounted in the Pearl clamp, and the toms go on to the tom arm.
I do not have a DR503, I have the old DR 80, and my clamps accommodate all the tom arm diameter I have seen so far.
If you have a DW Collectors kit it will use a thicker L arm the if you have Pacific kit

I think the best way to go would be with these Pearl clamps


And these Gibraltar mounts, I use these same mounts on one of my Collectors kits. I gig with them and they hold up really well, I have been using them for close to two years and they are still in perfect condition.

Pearl clamps should accept 7/8" tube. Do you have DW or Pearl tom arms? Either should be 7/8" downtube.