1. S

    Tool - Stinkfist - cover with Floyd and Associates

    Floyd and Associates is a local band to me that does all 90s covers. Every now and then they call me up and ask me to fill in. I have a blast playing with them! Always a great time and great song choices. Here is our version of Stinkfist by Tool
  2. Timo-Germany

    Video Review Sabian 22” BFM World Ride

    Hello community, I just got my hands on the brand new 22” Sabian BFM World Ride cymbal. Developed with Brian Frasier-Moore, According to Sabian, this medium-weight B20 bronze ride cymbal delivers a powerful presence and warm undertones. See and hear it in action in my latest video...
  3. S

    My new BFM (Brian Frasier-Moore) 22" HHX World Ride Cymbal

    well I've owned a lot of cymbals... but this cymbal is seriously just amazing... EXTREMELY versatile from bell to bow! You can play it, crash it, ride it and it has a cutting bell. I'd be happy to take this along for any band I play for or fill in for! A great cymbal. Here is a sound sample/demo...
  4. S

    Moved my kit to cure my OCD!

    Alright guys... here we are, down in my studio and my OCD is just starting to eat away at me! Now that I've really started to dial in my videos, seeing the drums against the wall and not centered just eats at me! So today we are going to solve that! We are moving my kit over and back, along with...
  5. S

    Extreme - Play With Me - Most epic guitar solo ever?!

    I was binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix and heard this song.. instantly said I need to pump this out as a drum cover!! So I added my own drumming twist as usual and cranked out this new drum cover!! I'm super excited about it, i think the playing, editing and mix is one of my best if not...
  6. S

    All of my Sabian Chinas from 12" to 20" demo! 11 in total

    I own Eleven different SABIAN Chinas.... So I thought it would be neat to hear them all in order from smallest to largest for anyone interested in buying a china can hear how they sound! From 12" to 20"... here is my Sabian Chinese sound demo!
  7. S

    Sabian crash with loud bell

    Hey! Need some advice, really looking for a Sabian crash cymbal to add to my collection preferably AAX 18” that has a super loud almost ride like bell?? Anyone got an idea what range would be best? Cheers
  8. S

    Sabian 19" AAX X-Treme China

    I recently picked up an 18" AAX China and it just didn't hit like i wanted... so I wrote my Sabian rep and ordered this 19" Xtreme AAX and it's exactly what I wanted! Here is a quick sound demo for you! What do you think and what do you prefer?!
  9. S

    Paper Wolf by VOLA

    This song has my daughters soooooo excited! They literally run around the house all day everyday singing this song and it drives their mom nuts and makes me smile :) plus, check out the break down it's killer! one of those songs that will stick in your head all day long! Let me know what you...
  10. S

    10.5lbs... 8" Power Bell.. the Override by Sabian!!

    This is my beast of a ride cymbal. SABIAN calls it the "override" and it's a Limited Edition signature series for Jimmy Degrasso! This cymbal weighs in at 10.5lbs!! It features a Raw 8" Power Bell! Intense hammering from both HH and HHX this thing cuts through any mix! Check this monster out!
  11. S

    24" Sabian AA Bash Ride!

    Finally got my 24" AA Bash ride! This thing is a beast!!!
  12. S

    Crossfade - Cold - first cover for 2024

    My first cover for 2024! Cold by Crossfade! Got to try out my new Sabian 24" AA Bash ride! What do you think?! How'd it sound!
  13. S

    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Drum Cover

    Had a youtube request for a great supporter. Apparently this is his wedding song with his wife! Sounds like a good woman to me! So when he requested this I was more than happy to play his request. I tried doing some new lighting and I worked a lot on the mix. So I would love to hear some...
  14. S

    Sabian AAX X-Plosion 16"-20" Comparison!

    I recently picked up all new AAX X-plosion crashes and decided to make a comparison video. I compared the bells, rolls, crashing and playing If you are in the market for a great all around cymbal, this AAX might be your cymbal! let me know what you think!
  15. S

    Signed with Sabian Cymbals

    I couldn't be any more proud to say this out loud and share it with everyone! I have official signed with Sabian Cymbals!! I am a proud new member of the...
  16. S

    I had them backwards! Much Better now - swapped hihats

    I've been playing my new 15" hats for a bit now and was struggling to get comfortable with them on the kit. And as simple and as stupid as it sounds.. the issue was I was excited to make the 15" my main hats but honestly they are best as aux hats. Amazing how such a simple change can make so...
  17. E

    Desert Island Cymbal Pack

    After putting down the sticks and selling my last kit (Yamaha Recording Custom) 35-years ago, I'm building a new drum kit. I've decided on the shell pack (20" BD/10-12-14 toms) and I'm unlikely to play gigs or in the studio, but as a successful audio engineer here in Nashville, I know what good...
  18. S

    Sabian AAX X-plosion Crash Comparison

    Recently I finished off my lineup of AAX X-plosion crashes picking up a 16", 17", 18" and 19" crash. Someone asked if I would do a video comparison the sounds of the crashes so here it is! This is my Sabian AAX Sound Comparison.
  19. S

    14" vs 15" Hats.. Which do you prefer?

    Recently I pulled the trigger on new hihats for my setup. I went with Sabian AAX Medium hats as I'm a rocker and felt those would fit my playing best. But this is my first time finally doing 15" hats and man I am in love!!! I did a small quick sound comparison video. What's your preferred...
  20. S

    Finally! 15" HiHats for my kit!

    I can't believe it took me this long to pull the trigger... I've seen and heard so many people talk about 15" hats. And now i'm a believer!! Sabian 15" AAX Medium hats. They are amazing!