recording drums mics

  1. blairsinta

    Drum Recording Videos/Lessons

    Hey drummers, if you do home drum recording or it's something you want to get into I have a lot of educational videos up on a YouTube page and now a Patreon page. Check out the YouTube where it's all free and if you really dig what I'm doing there you can check out the Patreon. I've not been...
  2. halley

    Noise when recording/playing kick drum

    Hello folks, I have a problem that I can't find the solution to, maybe someone can help. When I am playing/recording though my mixer the kick has a vibration/crackle noise whenever I play. The louder I kick, the more noise appears Any ideas are welcome Thanks Halley What I have already...
  3. R

    Recording drums on an iPad

    Hi everyone This is my first post so apologies if this topic has been covered before. Just wondering if anyone has experience of recording drums on an iPad. If so what system do you recommend using as well as mics and MIDIs. I ideally want to programme or record guitar and bass parts over the...
  4. PineyplayParadiddles

    Advice for recording with Zoom H4N

    Hi all, Just wondering if any of you highly enlightened fellows have any advice or recording experience with the Zoom H4N. I got one after seeing favourable reviews and my goal is to get decent bass and snare mics to plug into it. I did some testing today and it sounds pretty good mounting it...
  5. N


    I was wondering if someone is using triggers for whole set and just overhead mics how would he record that sound,what equipment would he needed? and if triggers needs module could you use module for overheads?
  6. T

    Finally setup my drum kit

    Hey guys I have been lurking in this forum for quite some time. It's time to get out and post something! Recently I setup my kit in the garage and bought a few mics for recording. I use two overhead MXL 603s because my friend's interface only has two inputs with phantom power. I will upload new...
  7. T

    Help with purchasing drum mics for recording

    Hi everyone, I'm Tyson from Australia and I'm new here. Basically I'm after some of you with experience to assist me in choosing some mics. I've been slowly saving and getting my kit up to scratch, as well as getting some recording gear together. I bought the TASCAM US1800 to record with, and...
  8. J

    Recording Drums

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to electronics and computers etc. I want to start recording myself play and upload the videos to YouTube but I have no idea what sort of equipment and software I will need like Mics, mixers, Adobe premier or stuff like that. Can someone give me a rough idea...
  9. G

    Recording Help?

    Hey so I just got my mics and mixer all set up! I just kinda noticed that the kit isn't quite sounding right to me. The toms just sound like crap to me. The snare just sounds kinda off, but I can't quite put my finger on it. And the bass drum doesn't have enough attack to it. It decays so...
  10. A

    Mic Cables

    Hi, I've taken a little time away from here because I've recently moved back to the south shore of Massachusetts from Austin, TX (yes, I AM missing the warmth right now). I'm working on buying everything necessary to start recording my own drums to save time and energy for myself as well as...
  11. T

    Drum Miking, Mixing, and Recording

    I'm thinking of either buying drum mics and a mixer to record my drums or getting acoustic triggers to use along with an Alesis i/o Trigger to USB interface. Either way, I'm running into issues when it comes to the software portion of recording. Not sure what I would need for either setup...
  12. J

    Recording Equipment

    I want to start recording my drums but I have a very limited budget. What would be a good setup including mics, mic stands, a mixer, cables (everything) for under $400? I have a pretty nice five piece Premier set with five cymbals and a hi hat. I also have a pc laptop which I could use for...
  13. C

    - Drum Recording Problems -

    Okay, don't use forums much so if this is in the wrong place my bad. I'm going to get straight into it.. I am wanting to start recording some drum tracks etc and i don't know where to start. I've researched as much as i can find online and i know certain points but need some more so if anyone...
  14. Z

    Recording Drums

    My band was thinking about buying two mics for recording drums Sterling ST31 to hang through the drop ceiling over the drummers head and a Nady DM-90 Kick Drum Mic My question is, "is it possible to record drums effectively with two mics? if so what kind of setup should we used and which mics...