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    I had them backwards! Much Better now - swapped hihats

    I've been playing my new 15" hats for a bit now and was struggling to get comfortable with them on the kit. And as simple and as stupid as it sounds.. the issue was I was excited to make the 15" my main hats but honestly they are best as aux hats. Amazing how such a simple change can make so...
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    14" vs 15" Hats.. Which do you prefer?

    Recently I pulled the trigger on new hihats for my setup. I went with Sabian AAX Medium hats as I'm a rocker and felt those would fit my playing best. But this is my first time finally doing 15" hats and man I am in love!!! I did a small quick sound comparison video. What's your preferred...
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    Finally! 15" HiHats for my kit!

    I can't believe it took me this long to pull the trigger... I've seen and heard so many people talk about 15" hats. And now i'm a believer!! Sabian 15" AAX Medium hats. They are amazing!
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    14" AAX Medium Hats

    So I just picked up both a 14" and a 15" set of hats for my kit. I'm super excited about it and decided I would create some sound clips. Here is the first video for the 14" Anyone else rocking AAX Mediums?
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    Upgraded to Remote Cable HiHat

    How many of you enjoy two hi-hats? I love two hats personally! And I've been rocking the DW C-hat for awhile and finally got myself a DW9000 Remote hihat to swap it out. So now I'll have two fully functional hihats! I just made a quick video of my installing the new hats and then at the end I...
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    Sabian Standard vs X-celerator hihats

    Recently I swapped out my standard hats for the X-Celerator versions. Someone asked what the difference is and why I did it. So I put together this little video. I like the sharp powerful click of the xcelerators myself. What do you guys think sounds better?
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    Got my new Saluda cymbals!

    Just got them today and I can definitely say, Wow! What a great deal! 15" and 17" Mist X crashes and 14" Mist X hats for $260 and all my trashed beginner cymbals. They sound good and I'll definitely be ordering from Saluda again. I just hope it won't take 3 weeks next time. Haha. I might be...