14" AAX Medium Hats


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So I just picked up both a 14" and a 15" set of hats for my kit. I'm super excited about it and decided I would create some sound clips.

Here is the first video for the 14"

Anyone else rocking AAX Mediums?
I like how they sound. Peace and goodwill.
I rock the 15" ones. Coupled with a 19" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash and 21" AA Bash Ride has been the best core cymbal set I've heard. Sounds good in everything.
I'm LOVING the 15" ones!!
They blow away the the old 14" A Mastersounds I played for years. Couldn't give away those old hats fast enough 😉

Enough bite and tight enough for faster patterns, and a fantastic open sound. Great all around hats.