Wilcoxon solos

Solo 27. Introducing some new stuff. Every solo is an adventure!

I haven’t posted the last few solos on the forum, but they are up on my YouTube channel. Here’s number 30.

the latest artifact of my pad addiction is this new Prologix Russ Miller ALLN1 pad. The main surface is a pretty standard rubber pad with a lot of rebound, similar to a RealFeel pad. It comes with a resistance insert you can lay on top of it to make your hands work a little more. But the best part (in my opinion) is the brush insert I’m using here. So, solo number 34 played with brushes.
I can hear the birds in the background saying listen! to that crazy woodpecker. It's gotta! be woody rich. I love listening to rudiment playing.
Solo 36, using the Prologix ALLN1 Russ Miller pad, no inserts this time.

Haven't shared one of these in a long time, which I'm sure people have appreciated :)

But here's solo 41.

Continuing to sound great, Larry. These are all challenging solos and you're doing a great job executing them!

Look forward to more.
The five stroke rolls are notated as 64th notes. 32nd notes would be three beams, these are written with four beams. It is written correctly.
I'm revisting Solo # 8 and deduced the same thing. I'm looking at/playing along with a video on Youtube of it. So there's the Solo while you're hearing the solo being played. My old Wilcoxon book is buried somewhere in this house. Ha! Anyway, Solo I'm looking at has
Instead of starting a separate thread for every Wilcoxon solo video I make, I will just post them all here in one place. These are all found in The All-American Drummer, 150 Rudimental Solo

This is solo number 8.

Nice job on this. Very accurate accent and rhythmic interpretation.
Admittedly, I was watching your playing, and I didn't look at the attachment you posted. Mine's written with 32nd notes. I think I have a bum edition.

View attachment 92962

Know where I can get a good edition online?

Oh yeah, I'm only a couple of dozen solos in, and I've already found it to be chock-full of licks and ideas for the kit.


It's good to know these solos don't have to be played super fast in order to sound musical and impressive. It's even better that they still sound musical at slower, less impressive tempos. Even so, I had to slow this one down a bit - it was the first solo in the book that I needed to break down to figure out.

Does anyone know how many solos you have to learn before you've covered all of the rudiments in the book?
There is a particular printing that has a bunch of mistakes. It’s the one with the white paper cover from Ludwig in Cleveland. They really engraved it in finale or something and it’s not great. Still useable but you have to fill in the blanks sometimes.
Where did these stockings come from? I’ve had discussions online with guys who argue what I would call nonsensical solutions utilizing the incorrect stickings. I edited my copy and came up with those stickings in your picture.