What's your latest purchase?


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Purchased a sE V Kick mic and a kick Block.

Turns out I don’t need the kick block because I figured out how to engage the spurs on my pearl kit.

But still nice to have



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Just some new UV1 heads for my two main snares, a second Gibraltar lightweight bass drum beater (really like these, surprisingly), and a new pair of Vic Firth jazz brushes to replace my 15-year old pair.


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I know it's a bit of a stretch to consider this purchase percussion related...but I will put in the window on one side of our rehearsal space to blow air out and pull air in through the slightly opened windows on the other side of the practice space--thus creating a nice little cross ventilation when we rehearse to reduce our COVID risk and keep us cool. So I think it qualifies!



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Pearl's retractable spurs are sublime. On a drum rug, your bass won't budge.
Yea took me a bit to realize how to engage them. But yea since engaging, the kick just doesn’t move

Jeremy Crockett

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This thing with a bunch of big Rs on it

Likely an '83, XP8 shells.
This thing is LOUD. It might be old, but it's definitely not "vintage" sounding. Thick maple shells, dual-45 edges, nothing subtle here.

View attachment 114337

I love green on any instrument! Nice rig there.


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These recently came home with me, and I am very grateful to have found them.
They sound really, really good, and totally different from each other and from my other "good" snare drum.


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An LP Mambo cowbell, DW claw mount for said cowbell, a Tunebot (that's right @yammyfan, I joined the cult) and a 22" Masters dark crash/ride. There's an LP rock cowbell coming too, but apparently LP either needs to forge it after mining the ore or find the cow and steal it back.
Some books for an upcoming vacation
Rakim: Sweat the Technique
Questlove: Music is History


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Just ordered a new hihat stand, Yamaha HS1200D. Seems really good, and a bit cheaper than regular price at Thomann at the moment (even cheaper than a Mapex Falcon). I sold the one I had to a drummer friend in crisis a few months ago, but a few upcoming gigs in march is kind of forcing me to buy a new one now, so I'm eagerly awaiting to try it out.