What's your latest purchase?

Can I ask. What prompted you to give it up? Just curious...
I didn’t want to sell it, but the Wife thought I had to many snares 😆😬🙄, so after some nagging, i reluctantly sold off a couple of snares. Plus, the Drum Guy who bought a StarClassic Bubinga kit from me wanted the snare. He reluctantly sold it back to me, to pay off a Star Walnut 14”x20” bass drum.
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I picked up this g maple thing, it’s 13x7.
Didn’t come with diecast hoops but it sounds good.

I put a new batter and reso on it. I’ll pit it against my Mapex nomad and evetts 13’s and of it doesn’t fill a gap in my collection I’ll sell it on.


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How do you like ‘em?
They're great. I use the cord for studio work, no cord for Bluetooth use around the house. Great frequency response and everything just sounds good.

Coming back from Montana I’ve snagged this rare gem.

It’s a 14”x5” copper Sensitone snare that I’ve been eyeing for some time with SR150 Click-lock throw.

Since I’ve spotted it, I did all the research I could, mostly coming up empty though there’s a single audiophile on YT from Japan.

Besides the occasional free floating shell and the 3.5” Smitty sig, I recall not ever seeing one of these.

I’ll need to find out more about it from Pearl, it has a Pearl tagged serial inside shell.

It sounds so sweet!
An LP Mambo cowbell, DW claw mount for said cowbell, a Tunebot (that's right @yammyfan, I joined the cult) and a 22" Masters dark crash/ride. There's an LP rock cowbell coming too, but apparently LP either needs to forge it after mining the ore or find the cow and steal it back.
Some books for an upcoming vacation
Rakim: Sweat the Technique
Questlove: Music is History
Just got one of these bad boy cymbal cases:

Other than a mild whiff of the ocean (or chippy for those who live in Blighty - I think it’s the foam?:unsure:🐟) it’s awesome. If you know me, there’s no prize for guessing what cymbals are going to live in there! Also got a Tama DC hoop and some Remo Ambassadors for my lovely WorldMax BNOB snare…:)(y)
Purchased a sE V Kick mic and a kick Block.

Turns out I don’t need the kick block because I figured out how to engage the spurs on my pearl kit.

But still nice to have