What would your fragrance be like?

No Way Jose

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I notice Usher has his own cologne now. Price is USA $ 19.99.

If you were a famous drummer, would you have a fragrance? What would it be like?

I think my No Way Jose perfume for the ladies would smell like beer with a little dash of cigarette smoke. Or maybe vanilla, because I like vanilla.


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something fruity like sauvage, or something woody like paul smith man :)

or fruity wood? best of both worlds


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One of the most influential scents I've ever had bring back fond memories was when a highschool friend would polish his blue sparkle made in Japan kit with ancient (now) endust. It's not the same today. I remember the smell of grape gum..the round piece in the 5 pack of rainblow. That scent with other effects that nearly made me astral project into another dimension. Thats my cologne. That scent tripled the effect of blue sparkle drums in my earthly voyage.
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A saxophonist friend was getting into blending fragrances, and we did a CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! cologne-- I told him it should smell like rum, spent tobacco, and failure. It ended up a little too fruity-tropical, didn't quite work. A vocalist, Jeff Baker, did a blend for my brother, also a drummer, and called it Bishop Tonight. I don't know what it smelled like.