What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

My Noble and Cooley SS Classic Maple 14x7 snare has definitely been my go-to snare since I got it; It can do anything.

However, I did just buy a 14x4 Canopus "The Maple" snare drum, and man, that thing kills. I haven't taken it off the stand since it arrived.
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1966/67 Ludwig Acrolite. The badge serial number says '67 but the shell is date stamped '66 which makes it very cool to me. It still has the original heads and snare wires. I really, really want to love my Supra more since that's the snare I grew up with but...the Acro just does it all with just enough crack and just enough honk.
Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature model. Basically a clone of the fancy Black Beauty. I'm not necessarily sure that it's special, but I'm familiar enough with the drum that I can get it to work in any situation.


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Like the title asks - what is the snare drum that is your old reliable snare drum ? A drum that you just know works for pretty much everything you do . One that just sounds fantastic .

For me it is a 5 x 14 Ludwig Engraved Black Beauty . This drum was purchased unused from Todd Trent ( former Ludwig A&R Rep and Cheap Trick Drum Tech). It originally had chrome hardware ( Imperial lugs , P85 strainer and triple flange hoops ). I met John Aldridge at the Chicago Vintage Drum Show and struck up a friendship . My Girlfriend commissioned John to engrave my snare drum for my 50th Bday . John also provided Ludwig brass tube lugs , hoops and P86 Millenium strainer as well . The drum was also recently upgraded with Canopus Vintage snare wires ( what an improvement !!).
This particular drum has a huge tuning range , wonderful articulation and can do crisp or fat .
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That is a fabulous drum, all of the upgrades are stunning.

My go to is a fairly recent acquisition- a mint condition Tama Starclassic maple does everything I want extremely well. In fact I play better on this drum 🤥 than any other snare I’ve owned.


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It's pretty much my Guru Tour series 7x13 black walnut or my Ludwig 6.5x14 Joey Kramer edition Black Magic, depending on the day and my mood. Put an S-Hoop on the Ludwig because I liked the one on the Guru so much.
By the way, didn't you order a Gretsch 14"x4" a while back? If so, I don't recall that you've mentioned it since.

I didn't get the Gergo yet - soon enough though! I got side tracked with a million other things haha.
My pride and joy as far as snares go.

Mid 70s Pearl Jupiter CoB 6.5x14 with parallel straining mechanism, a heavy snare for classic and contemporary occasions.

Though it can still crank, and pop, it sounds very dry compared to my Pearl brass FF, and Gretsch 4160 CoB, it’s really unique in sound.


That’s no bend in the snares, that gap, those are the original Pearl double ten or 20 strand wires.
The Gretsch 6.5 USA Bronze - Tunes high, Tunes low - it's warm...crisp....great drum!!!
That or their Cast Aluminum for me. Both tick the same boxes, but with a distinctly different tone. The bronze cracks where the aluminum pops. Articulation is the same across both. side sticks....mmmm those side sticks!🤩