What are you listening to right now?


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Have been drumming roday and this came up on my playlist, 3 drummers makes such a massive sound..

Someone finally put the drums on the proper spot on stage- right up front!


I'm loosing you, Rod Stewart and The Faces, Kenney Jones on drums. So 70s and that drum solo is something else.

70s rock generally.


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I stumbled across this Jay Sekulo band on YouTube doing Mother Freedom. A group of older guys so I thought ok..ill listen..but I know what it's going to sound like. Um...
WRONG...BAD WRONG. I've been blown away by these weekend warriors?


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Liner art, photos and advertising in the album jacket.


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playing some drums and this came up in my playlist, nice to see more videos of them :) I usually hate beatles covers cause people try to make it sound like beatles.. i kinda like this though, her guitar part in the middle is nice :)

btw.. 71 Was too early for dw i think, those would be camcos?


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Learning to play Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting). A real oldie but wow--fun, fun! It really rocks out (but I can't play it up to speed yet, so sticking to learning the groove)



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Well?..now that Chris Whitten just peeked in I put on Edie Brickels What I am to see if it stands up over time. It does indeed and IMO the drumming is a big part of it. I wish he'd have done something with local hero Tommy Bolin.


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If you do, remember that with the lights out, it’s less dangerous… 😀 (y)
Actually it’s good to be able to play with the lights out or your eyes closed 😵👀 playing blind. some of my best grooves are achieved with eyes wide shut , never let a power failure🦫 end a song or a set 👍🥁


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I'm listening to Captain Beefhearts Doc at the radar stations brick bats. Every so often I'm in a mood to zone in on this strange stuff. I'll listen to this for a couple days then not think about it for years.