Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

Darth Vater

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Man I tried all this. I even used my mapex Tom holder and also mounted it upside down. As soon as the drum hangs by the sound sustainer it dies.

It doesn’t affect my 8” Tom on the same 4000 series hardware.

I think it’s faulty rubber
That's weird. Ok, just trying to help. Don't know what to tell ya. Every time I see this thread pop up I go down and hit my SQ1 12 a couple times to see if I'm imagining that it sounds OK, but it actually does. Go figure. You shouldn't have to buy a different mount though. That sucks. I would at least have them send me another replacement sustainer mount.


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This, almost word for word.

My low tom is a 16", it's on a YESS mount, and it's solid and stable. The sustain is more than enough, and often damped.

I use Yamaha YESS mounts and I find them the best. Not the longest sustain, but who actually wants drums to ring forever? I can position my toms how I want and the tom holders from Yamaha are rock solid.

Personally I don't really care about floor tom legs. They all do the job and I absolutely do not want more sustain in my 16 than I already have.

Bo Eder

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I do. My Ludwig Standards have Rogers Swiv-O-Magic hardware bolted straight to the shell, so it's a bit of a balancing act to get the two rack toms to sing. Tension and position on the hex rod all kind of works in tandem.

And to a lesser extent my Yamahas do the same thing, so they get tweaked while they're mounted.
I find even with a suspension mount I’m tweaking a little once the time is mounted as well.