Recording with Yamaha EAD10

Living Dead Drummer

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Been using my EAD10 a LOT for session work, and so far I couldn't be happier. Same with my clients. No commercial recordings yet, as I doesn't record do multi-tracking other than midi, but for demo sessions, it's amazing!
I uploaded a clip from one I did yesterday to YouTube for people to check out. EAD10 Recording


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When it comes to making demos, the EAD10 appears to be fan-fucking-tastic. Your results are really good. While I can hear deficits like anemic toms, it's not as if the toms are entirely missing or un-hearable, just lacking.

I wish they made an EAD20 with an ORTF overhead and beamforming technology capable of instrument isolation. It would be a solution to such a long running problem faced by drummers.