PSA music gear related- proudly displaying brands

Yep, you can learn a lot about who's in front of you while driving behind them, or at a red light.

"This guy loooooves Dachshunds."

"This guys a reeeeeal nutter."

I love reading bumper stickers but avoid them on my vehicles.

I'm not a marquee veteran, a multi-media bonifide celebrity, with an allergy to daylight, Perrier and resposibility.

I prefer to be "Incommunicado".
I have always resisted the temptation to put anything drum-related on the back of my car. I don't want thieves to know I'm carrying around drum gear. I do have a small Gettysburg sticker on the back, along with our required lake community sticker.
I'm thinking of getting a custom bumper sticker. It's going to read:
Go ahead and follow me home
The Law knows better than to go out there🙂
That would make a great t-shirt.
It would make an even better bumper sticker!

I got a bumper sticker for my birthday one year that said “My other ride is a Zildjian,” but I have thought against putting it on my car because it would make my vehicle more of a break-in target than if I didn’t. I almost never leave gear in the car, but I don’t want to even risk a “smash and grab” despite there being nothing to grab…
Part of me thinks criminals don’t do as much backwards social engineering to even figure people out - especially when considering how stupid the thefts are. But I’ve discovered that they’re smart enough not to try to lift any big heavy cases out of the back of my truck. So they do have laziness going for them.
I X L R 8
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I have noticed that vehicle rental companies strip pretty much all locale centric branding from their vehicles, save for a barcode in the window. Probably trying to avoid advertising "I'm from out of town!" but it is a dead giveaway to me. Any time I see a BMW with no dealership markings around here, I'm pretty sure it's a rental. Folks in my town aren't shy about advertising where they buy their luxury cars from.
I never really thought about how people advertise their whole lives on their cars; it really is a bad idea.

I just used to marvel at how people would post pictures on FB or IG when they are hours or continents away on vacation....brilliant thinking!

My last bumper sticker read "Do you see what happens, Larry?"