Musician Cliques

When I've gotten in a really good band, it has helped me get other work from exposure. I've become one of the hirable players in an area. Not a clique member, just a known quantity. I've had to overcome not being in the clique in the past.
Here in NWA, it's all school based. Since most folks here are working class, the object is to get your kid into the UofA on some sort of scholarship. There are 4 major cities in NWA: Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville. For example, Fayetteville has 9 elementary's, 3 middle schools, 2 junior high, and 1 high school. So kids from Fayetteville have all been playing together in some form or another all through their schooling. Same with the other 3 cities. Those who make it to the UofA get mixed with others, but the local presence is still the majority.

This is the exact reason for my bad jazz experience, or why they are snooty to me. I dont have the same history they do. They have all shared the same experiences, I have not. I am not one of them nor will I ever be, because I didnt move here until I was 15.

Maybe things are different now since the place has grown significantly, but I doubt it.
There are so many different kinds of cluiques. Your not as good as we are cliques..not as cool as we are..your to old for us..our music is way cooler than yours etc. The cliques are endless. They exist and I'm aware of them as subtle as some can be but my clique detector is pretty sensitive..i maneuver around them and carry on.

Not to mention the "Ignorance is Bliss" cliques.
Unfortunately in life you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Some people will accept you and some will not want you in their circle, deliberately leaving you out / omitting you from things on repeat occasions, where actions speak louder than the words they might be saying.

Sometimes it’s a reflection of you (even if not intentional) sometimes it’s a reflection of them. You’re not always going to bond with everyone, even if you share some interests.

That’s life, its not limited to musicians. it’s happened to all of us I’m sure whether it be music, personal, work life…etc so just beat to make note of it and move on from those people.

To quote Dr Seuss.

“Those who matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter”

Concentrate on the people who matter in your life.
Yes they exist, and this is why professionalism matters.

All this talk of high school drama reminds me who ultimately walked off our old campuses with EVERYBODY'S respect. Remember from your class?

It was the kid who was known for somehow getting along with everybody.

There were cliques and he knew it. But his friendship, kindness and servanthood transcended the cliques. He floated between them all, giving his best to everyone while garnering respect and admiration; and was somehow known and liked by all. No one knew how he did it.

And strangely (though perhaps to his advantage in life) as much as people admired him for it, no one aspired to be like him.

For some sad folks, high school is forever. Kids in grown ups' clothing never learned to survive without its chaos and drama, so they brought it to their middle-aged workplaces in order that their egos could survive the game.

You better believe this certainly happens on stages, studios and rehearsal halls. People will cling to their cliques to their dying breath, never daring to relinquish needing them. But without fail and to their credit, they will always admire and respect (read: hire and keep) the secure individual who figured out that cliques don't matter at all.

Cream rises to the top and it attracts everybody. Don't gossip, except to compliment other musicians behind their backs. Show up on time, prepared. Offer your talents to the service of other musicians, not in competition with them. Be the musician who reaches out to musicians outside your band, asking about their real lives and concerns. Be that musician, and your success will come easy because the way is narrow for those who would try it.
Also what looks like a clique from outside may or may not be? We probably look like a stuck up clique to a Pearl drum forumite who plays zbt lol
This forum by definition is allready a clique and within that clique is the “die-hard”-clique…

Lets say this forum has (to estimate high) 100 daily participants…..out 1000’s and 1000’s of drummers worldwide….thats all the amateurs and pro’s worldwide…

Why arent they here writing 1000’s of messages..?

Answer..: some are quite busy on YT, instagram or tik tok….some are not that busy on those platforms, but keep them for networking…

But…..most of all those players are just playing and practicing instead of spending (wasting) time to write messages like this…

Besides that, even the most busy “YT- or Instagram drummer” is still busy with playing….instead of only writing text….

To freely quote Weckl once again (when asked what he thought about all the online criticism he gets)…:

“..To all those active online laptop writers…: the practice room, thats where you should be at..”

After just spending also a few minutes regarding the subject, which also could have been spend on a few minutes quintuplet paradiddles….lol…..i say….never too late to realise that…..🙂

I think this is also the reason why some members start as very active and after a while kinda disappear btw…