Jack DeJohnette


again with McLaughlin

Billy Cobham
Narada Michael Walden
Jack DeJohnette and
Tony Williams
Except for Narada, the other three all played with Miles too. During his fusion era he sniffed out the best musicians on the planet, especially drummers. Sad that jazz critics tend to write this period off completely.

And the Jack D signature Aquarian snare head just rocks.
The first album that exposed me to DeJohnette was the Gary Burton & Friends - Six Pack album. Might not be the most typical stuff for JD, but it was the right music at the right time for me, to slowly get into jazz as a youngster, coming from more of a rock/fusion background. It ticked all the right boxes for me at that time (early 90's)
Follow Your Heart
What I Say
Back Woods Song
Do You Hear The Voices You Left Behind?
most of it
almost most of it

w/DeJohnette it's almost individual shining tracks within +/- albums..
one weaves together as a composite of him

11 year old thread : )
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Anything with the Keith Jarrett Trio, as already mentioned.

Heck, anything Jack recorded for ECM really. For instance:
Ralph Towner - Batik
George Adams - Sound Suggestions (Jack is really on fire on this one)
Mick Goodrick - In Pas(s)ing
New Directions in Europe (live)

Not ECM of course, but Miles´ Complete Cellar Door Sessions are fantastic.

Some zombie threads are still relevant. :)
Love Jack. His tribute to Tony Williams is just epic.
Had a couple of his cymbals back in the day and they were like nothing else.
Tales from the Hudson. Many great tracks on it.

This song drops you onto the African plain from go.