how would u play this


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at 1:17.....

what sticking would u use to play those hi hats, if you can be a bit specific... i mean starting from beginning

R....RRL.....R...RRLL..R..RRLLR..R...i've put a pic below as well

also how do i know how much faster i need to play those 32nds from the 16ths...i don't have it in my head i guess, how can i practice to know that

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I’d probably play:
R RL R R rrll R / RLRL R…
The second 3 of the 6 in the first bar you’ve highlighted is the same sticking as the first 3 but you play double strokes instead of singles on 5…
Not being a drummer, I would probably have to use a six-string and leave it at that.

Maybe start on a bass and ease into that, even...I ain't been practicing much:(
I think you could get away with just using right hand-lead singles (if you are right-handed) at that tempo.

R rl r R/L rlrl r , etc

Good luck!
At this tempo - one of two ways -

The first -

Sticking idea 1.png

This makes it really easy to feel the difference between the way the first and second beats shown. The second best is just the same, but with two extra 32nd's stuck between the existing 16th's. Of course, the last beat shown starts to make the "all with the RH hand approach more challenging (at lest for me). And certainly if it gets much faster - than this predominantly single hand approach will become unworkable (again, at least for me). (The R/L means R on the hat and L on the SD)

The other approach would be -

Sticking idea 2.png

This keeps the RH as continuous 1/8th's - except for the 32nd note bit. And certainly, that bit could be done as a five stroke roll (RRLLR) - which would keep the hand pattern consistent - all the R's on the 1/8ths and all the L's on the 16th's between them.

But personally, I find single strokes always clearer than doubles (even moreso on hi hats) - so generally, if I can play something comfortably as singles (which I can these 32nd's at this tempo) then I'll virtually opt for that approach. In this examples, the L/R would be L on the hat and R on the SD.

And obviously - as this got faster, I would absolutely opt for this second way - and then faster still would switch to the 5 stroke roll for the 32nds.
I'd stick it like this personally. Seems the most economical way to me at that tempo.

I have a rudimental drumming background, so I play doubles constantly and try to spread the sticking evenly between Left and Right hands.