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Only free resources and websites with a decent amount of free stuff (so it's OK if there is material with costs as long as you can find notes / videos for free).
Of course, no illegal links to copyrighted books!

It would greatly help if you contribute the three categories in the list below, preferably like this:
Name of the site / channel
Description with some keywords, so users know what to expect

If this list becomes too long, you can search for some keywords like "Metal" or "Jazz" by pressing Ctrl+F / Command+F in most browsers.

Last update: 2021/9/1
66Samus, Blast beats for beginners - more videos if you go to the channel
Ari Hoenig, Concepts, Exercises, Odd Meters / Phrases
Art Of Drumming and Play alongs
Aubrey Drum Lessons Jazz, Funk, Rock, Concepts
Austin Burcham styles, "Study the Greats", Technique
Bang! The Drum School styles, Licks, Grooves. Blog by member @feldiefeld
Bruce Becker Technique, Grip, Exercises, Q&A
Claxton Drums, Gravity Blast - more videos if you go to the channel
Cruise Ship Drummer, Latin, Funk, Transcriptions, Concepts. Blog by member @toddbishop
Drum Notation Guide, symbols, rolls, beginners. Note: Drumset notation varies, depending on what the author prefers and how large the set is
Drumeo / Clinics by professional drummers, tutorials for beginner to advanced, all genres.
Drummerworld All styles, technique, concepts, tips
Emmanuelle Caplette, Exercises
Erce Arslan has a nice series of double bass lessons videos touching upon many aspects.
Four on the Floor, Analysis, Recommended albums, History, Blog
Francis' Drumming Blog, Jazz, Transcriptions, Exercises
Gordy Knudtson, Tutorials
Jack Young transcriptions/play along, mostly Trinity & Rockschool grades
Jazz Drum Hang (Chris Smith), in-depth discussions of certain drummers, exercises
Jazz Drummer's Resource (Justin Varnes), Licks, Concepts. Mostly concise tutorials on short phrases
Jonathan Curtis, Odd Time, Broken Time, Technique. Channel by member @Mighty_Joker
Kevin Dorn Traditional Jazz (Rag, New Orleans, Chicago, Swing)
Marcus Hawkins, Drum Corps, Tutorials, Vocalisation. Also some beginner videos.
Marthyn Jovanovic, Hand & Foot Technique
Mikiya Ito, Grooves, Concepts
Music Theorywww.musictheory.netGeneral music theory, notation, rhythm, time signatures, keys, intervals. Lessons, Exercises, Tools.
Niels Myrnerwww.nkmdrums.comBeginner grooves and advice, notation, Jazz, Solos, Polyrhythms, Concepts
Open Studio, interviews. Lots of tutorials for other instruments, but also drums (Edu Ribeiro, Billy Hart, Nate Smith...)
Percussive Arts Society, Rudimental, Percussion, Mallets, Corps, Orchestra
Quincy Davis, Exercises and concepts, Interviews
Rick Dior, Latin, Rudimental, Orchestra, Technique. One of the most prolific, in-depth teachers - highly recommended!
Rob "Beatdown" Brown, Jazz, Pop, Technique
Rob Hirons, Styles, Concepts. Channel by member @Rob Hirons
Teoría: Music Theorywww.teoria.comGeneral music theory, notation, rhythm, time signatures, keys, intervals, harmony. Lessons, Exercises, Tools.
Thomas Crémier, Heel-Toe, Double Strokes - more videos if you go to the channel
Stanton Moore, Rock, Technique, New Orleans
Steve Holmes Technique, Licks, Jazz, Prog
That Drum Blog, Brazil, Afro-Cuban, Rudimental. Blog by member @adamosmianski
Time Manipulation styles, odd meter, concepts, grooves. Blog by member @Alain Rieder
Trap'd, Analysis, Recommended albums, History, Blog
Vic Firth, Rudimental, Percussion, Mallets, Playalongs
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I like Marcus Hawkins' warmup videos! He has awesome vocalization for rhythms. The guy is a champion snare drummer, but his passion seems to be educating, especially for beginners
A few of links swissward listed have additional pay for content. However they all have a huge amount of content that is free (no sign up required).
I guess most websites offer some additional content for money. But as long as there is a lot of good free content, I think we should include those.
Thanks for the links everybody - the list has been updated.
This is good!
There are times here, when someone posts something and when I want to go back and refer to/investigate into it, I can't find the thread it's in.
And the search function...
For first I couldn't remember Rob Hirons' name or the thread I saw it in, but wanted to re-visit a video he posted.
I eventually found it, but...
Cheers, keep 'em coming! :)
I find it a bit weird that there are no Metal channels/blogs so far. I had a look on youtube, but mostly found covers and only a few tutorials.
@Rock Salad Were you talking about Todd Bishop's blog? That one is already on the list. Or does Todd Sucherman have a blog that I'm not aware of?
@Andy Sorry to bother you once more with a request for a sticky. If you feel like this thread has enough potential, it would be great if you could make it a sticky! :)
Have you taken that Shuffle course? I'm a bit reluctant to put it on the list as it's only free for a limited period of time and requires signing up to a mailing list. I'm sure Mr. Glass knows how to present this topic well, though. :)
I've updated the list with a few more blogs and channels. 20 links so far.
I did, I'm no better at it but his class is quite informative and well laid out.
I'd like to make a proposal for a visual improvement on readability. Maybe the list becomes easier to read/process if it is organized in a table:

Art Of DrummingLessons and Play alongs
Austin Burchamall styles, "Study the Greats", Technique
Bang! The Drum Schoolall styles, Licks, Grooves. Blog by member @feldiefeld

Just as an idea. I could edit your post doing a quick search and replace to insert the tags if you like.