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My kit but In a different wood, and with a 20in bass drum.
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I always wanted a snare smaller than my smallest tom, but I don't know how that 15 would work and that'd be alot of boom. I'd have to deaden the sound alot.
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Haha huge huge bass!
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Thanks Tuxido, It's my first mac so I'm a noob.

Drums: 1960's Ludwigs, 1975 Slingerland Snare (have it), Zebra wood stave (side snare) or 5x14 60's Supra.
Cymbals: Bosphorous: 15" New orleans hats, 24" new orleans ride, 18" Traditional Thin Crash, 20" Wide Ride, 20" Pang Thang, 12" Traditional Splash, and Finally 22 Antique flat ride.
Pretty close to getting the kit except cymbals. just have to get the 20" bass and the 16" floor and second snare. I will most likely keep it as the smaller set though.

So Close, yet So Far!


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cause im crazzy like that....and yes...i do have a jet pack to get in


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Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

annnndd heres what i acually play:

- Mapex Pro M (Liquid Blue Pearl)

- AAX 14'' Stage Hats
- B8 16'' Thin Crash
- AA 10" Splash
- AAXplosion 18" Crash
- AA 20" Medium-Heavy Ride
- HHXplosion 19" Crash
- AAX 18" Chinese

Clear Emporers on top
Clear Ambs on bottom

Tama Power glide double pedal

Mapex 750 and 550 series


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Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

16x14 floor
18x16 floor
6x6 (shown as 8x8) one-headed

cymbals left to right:
14" or 15" crash
13" hi hats (possibly remote, depends on how well positioning went)
14" hi hats
16" crash
2 splashes, not certain on size
18" crash
14" china
20" ride
20" china

oh, the fun I'd have


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Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

This is what happens when you're bored.


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This is me when I win the lottery. Birch, in Ringo's finish. I'm thinking Sabians for the bronze.

By the way, the hi-hat on the right seems weird, but it's supposed to be a remote hat with a cable to a pedal over next to my main hi-hat, plus those auxiliary hats are supposed to be lower than the 3 cymbals it's overlapping. But I'm probably not gonna have a kit like this in forever anyways or atleast a long time.

More complete version, a la Nutha's designer:

that would satisfy me for now haha


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Oh, to join the fray!

Here's what I am currently playing...

Drum Map 1.jpg

Here they are:

Yamaha Recording Custom, Cherry finish



5x12 DW Maple Collectors
6x13 DW Edge (curly maple satin/chrome finish) (ordered, not yet arrived)
5 1/4x14 Dave Weckl signature (Stainless shell that I had heavy copper plating applied to it)

DW 9002 double pedals
DW 9005 HH stand
Yamaha 4-arm snare stand (main snare)
Yamaha 900 and 800 series stands for cymbals and toms
generic snare stand for side snare
generic clamp/boom arms for effects cymbals
misc. bit and pieces


Zildjian A's
13" Mastersound HH
8" splash
16" Med thin crash
17" Med thin crash
18" Med crash
18" China high

Zildjian A Customs:
10" Splash
16" Med thin crash

22" Paragon ride

Vic Firth:
7A American Classic wood tip
505 Rutes
Steve Smith birch Tala Wands
yarn mallets

Tama RhythmWatch metronome (105????)

other bits and baubles...

Still looking for:
Recording Custom:
7x8 tom
18x22 kick
My dream layout, which is only 2 pieces from being completed.

1. 8"
2. 10"
3. 12"
4. 14"
5. 16"


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Mine currently looks something like this:

With the new add-ons it would look like this and i also intend to use a variety of electronic drum trigger pads: a YAMAHA though not a DW. :)

note: sorry about mixing up the depthXdiameter in the toms.

i recently use (by order mid-tom(12"), hi-tom(10") and floor-tom(14")) i am going to add a 8" tom in between high and floor toms and a 16" floor tom after my actual 14" when upgrading this recent one with my dream kit.
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