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Here's an update...



Note.: I've add my splash and 12" china to my setup later than I took the kit picture.
Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

Here it is:

Drums: Custom laquer design (Autism logo: puzzle pieces in blue with some missing pieces in black.)
Cymbals: 14in hats, 10in splash, 16in crash, 18in crash, 20in ride, 18in chinese all Sabian AAX

Autism logo?

No offence intended, but personally I think that's a little corny ...
My future kit:


Pearl Masterworks drums in Scorched Walnut finish (chrome H/W, all shells 8-ply - 2 mahogany inner, 6 maple outer)

7" x 12" maple snare
6.5" x 14" Tama bell brass snare
8" x 8" tom
8" x 10" tom
Roland PD-9 electronic pad
14" x 14" floor tom
16" x 16" floor tom
18" x 22" bass drum
18" x 22" bass drum

Paiste Cymbals

13" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hats
12" Twenty Mini China
18" 2002 Novo China
8" Signature Bell
8" 2002 Splash
17" Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
10" 2002 Splash
18" Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash
2x 10" RUDE Splash (hi-hat)
18" Signature Heavy China
21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
18" RUDE Thin Crash
19" Signature Full Crash

Roland SPD-S sampling pad and Alesis D4 drum module

Pearl stands and hardware with Gibraltar V-Rack system

Aquarian Texture Coated on 12" snare, Focus-X on 14" snare, Classic Clear snare-side (both snares), clear Super-2's on toms, Classic Clears on bottom, clear SuperKick II's on bass drums, Pearl logo heads on front

Axis A Longboard bass drum pedals with Slug Power Head beaters and E-Kit triggers

Pro-Mark 747 Nylon Tip Japanese Oak sticks

Shure microphones
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Editing Kit Constructor II

Hey everyone - does anybody know how to add cymbals to Kit Constructor II? I already have the images and put them in the appropriate folders, but I don't know how to make them appear in the dropdowns.

Thanks for your help!
Re: Editing Kit Constructor II

What the heck is Kit Constructor II?
Re: Editing Kit Constructor II

you can't do it that way, as far as I can tell. The only way I could get it to work is to rename the new file to an already existing item (that you would never use)
That way, the name already appears in the drop-down; you just have to remember which item you replaced with your new pic.

KCII is a program that makes 'drum blueprints:'
Re: Drum builder by me

hey guys , i made this drum creator thing . just check it and tell me what i should add :D
took me pretty long to make all the graphics and stuff .outof the cymbals and backgrounds i got pictures for them :p
i made this thing with macromedia flash if you wanna know well , heres the link :


**** I CAN'T SEE
Ok here is one i made its one of my dream kits


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the first kit is my kit, the 2nd kit is the kit I want to make with a friend :)



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A little something I worked up.


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