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go to my website on this link:


scroll down to the drumset designer, click on it (to open the full size version) copy and paste into your microsoft paint then cut and paste onto another paint application and build your drumset.
here is my drumset built with this tool i made (it is to scale).



ps: it might help to increase the contrast a bit to get rid of the unavoidable bitmap fringing.
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Drum builder by me

hey guys , i made this drum creator thing . just check it and tell me what i should add :D
took me pretty long to make all the graphics and stuff .outof the cymbals and backgrounds i got pictures for them :p
i made this thing with macromedia flash if you wanna know well , heres the link :
Re: Drum builder by me

hey man, thats pretty sweet. but is there anyway that you could be able to save you pictures?
Re: Drum builder by me

thx man .yeah there is on your keyboard there should be a button (next to the F12 key) that says 'print scrn . sysRq' if you have a german keyboard it says 'Druck - S-Abf' now when you pushed that button on your keyboard open paint or any graphic program and hit CTRL/V , or right click and paste so youll have the pic in the program and thats it now just save as jpg or such and show me what you made :D lol
Re: Drum builder by me

hehe pretty cool man and thx !
i made this, pretty big

the next add to the creator is gonna be a changing background option . but first i need some ideas or requests for backgrounds !

:::dang can anyone tell me how to turn on the html =P lol i know that this sounds stupid !!!
I need a professional looking result as in Modern Drummer artist gear sections. It does not have to look like drums but the overlaps of cymbals and drums should be able to work like they do on my kit. Plain Circles and squares would be fine.
1. John Bonham
2. Phil Collins
3. I have no idea.

Is this correct? If not let me know who it is.(Especially #3)
Chris Adler...?

I remember we went through this one before... I recognise it but can't put a name to it.