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Haha yep! http://mitglied.lycos.de/Gerulat/DD/Test.html

The site is in Dutch I think, but there's an obvious download section. Once you download it (it takes a pretty long time, it saves like hundreds of images of cymbals and drums) KEEP ALL THE FILES AND FOLDERS IN ONE FOLDER otherwise it'll get all confusing! call the folder "Kit Constructor", so you don't lose track of it.

when you want to open up the program itself, double click "StartKC", but hover the mouse over it and make sure it's the NT Command Script version, because there's two StartKC's. Once you click, a black dialog box will appear, and a few seconds later, the program will open. Then play around with the drop down menus (there's sections for cymbals, drums, pedals, etc.) and build your kit from there!

my response from another thread, hope it helps
If the tool doesn't work for you, be sure to download the full JRE from the Java website, not just the silly package they give you for web browsers.

Also, I'm new on the forums, but, through the miracle of google, I've been reading up on advice from here since last year.

And here's my result! (Awesome tool by the way)


Yup, only two toms. Shocking.
Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

Thanks Tuxido, It's my first mac so I'm a noob.

Drums: 1960's Ludwigs, 1975 Slingerland Snare (have it), Zebra wood stave (side snare) or 5x14 60's Supra.
Cymbals: Bosphorous: 15" New orleans hats, 24" new orleans ride, 18" Traditional Thin Crash, 20" Wide Ride, 20" Pang Thang, 12" Traditional Splash, and Finally 22 Antique flat ride.
Pretty close to getting the kit except cymbals. just have to get the 20" bass and the 16" floor and second snare. I will most likely keep it as the smaller set though.

So Close, yet So Far!

stanton moore fan possibly?
Here is my full kit which shells are custom made by Jalapeno Drums. Already have the snare (13" x 5" with wooden hoops) but the two toms & bass cost around £1,500. With it is a 13x3 maple piccolo snare. Also got all the cymbals already.


This next picture is the basic kit for lighter gigs etc. Can still do most things yet is alot lighter to move around. Can be transported in two journeys with 6 bags.

Hi everyone
I was trying to get the Kit Constructor II program but the link that I've found here doesn't seem to be working. It leads me nowhere. Easy Share is gone, Crocko doesn't have the file and a couple of other pages from my country or Latinamerica aren't of any help. ¿Is Kit Constructor II still functioning or it's dead? ¿Can anyone put me in the right direction? I'm very, very interested in it so, please, if somebody can help me, I'll thank you ad eternam.
Best Regards.
I don't know if it's been asked before, but is there any sort of app for iPhones at all that anyone's knows of?
I think I try this old thread as it pinned
I'm buying drum throne (just returned the one that came broken:cautious:)now choosing the other and I wonder will it be convenient to have a backrest? It is usually sold separately, so is it worth spending more?