Danny Carey- Arrested for assault

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Drunk or not, people should just stop being dickheads.
but if you're a star, they let you do it.
This same statement can be said about a lot of things today concerning the actions of others such as athletes, politicians and the police where only partial facts are available or only part of a video or one side of a story. Doesn’t stop people from condemning them .False facts and lies and lies by omission sell news . Nobody waits until all the facts are in . Look at a few recent court cases in the news . There’s still people that believe false facts of a news story even though they were proven to be false in court . Just look at Fergeson Mo . , and the more recent Kyle rittenhouse stories and cases . The world is so quick to judge based on lies by media, and without all the facts and investigations done. Then after the fact and proven in court they still believe the original stories because it’s being pushed and sold by people with a vested interest in doing so .

So I’ll just wait until the facts bare out .
Amen to that.
One of most serious problems in society: a generation raised immersed in politicised disinformation.
One thing...back then...the phone was on the kitchen wall and only rich kids had a twenty-foot cord and the un-tangler.
Now, everyone has a phone in their pocket and the camera on it is better than any bank surveillance camera out there.
Is it a "different world now" ?
It was called 'jailbait' then too.
Meaning the attitude of the modern day “rock star” is nothing like they were in the 80’s. Something I’m sure we’re all thankful for.
He seems somewhat "intoxicated" to me in the video, but I don't know mr. Carey, so I could be completely off on that one.
# Why can't we not be sober?? #
When I saw the video I was thinking Danny was going to get unruly when the cops got pushy but I breathed a sigh of relief when he kept his cool.
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