Arriving Saturday: 1937 WFL Lyre Badge Snare


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I picked this up this past week off George Lawrence's Drum Sellers website. It's coming from Texas. It's in beautiful shape, and real swing era survivor. The wrap is original. It was packed away in a case for decades, I believe. I'm really looking forward to gigging it.


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Thank God you are gigging it..enjoying it as well as a gift to the listener 😃 🎶 instead of storing it away in a lonely little dark place. It's a wild animal meant to roam living love to be in the audience when you free that little beast 😃 she/it's a beaut!.
as of 9:35 am : )
That ( is still active..
probably just an oversight..
I have two postww2 48-53 WFL 6.5 x 14s. (bare bones basic 6L 490's) First one was from a Vintage Pa Show around 1998 - I saw a guy walking around with it under his arm- all original including the nickle over brass trip flanged hoops- and the second acquired about 4 years ago- that was "gone over" and tweaked by Drum Doctors in LA.
The pre ww2 30s Wfl's sometimes had interesting -almost die cast- hoops I've only seen never owned. Maybe they were aluminum maybe they were brass. Never appeared again and were unique
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Thanks for all the good wishes. I questioned whether it was a re-wrap, but I had my friend Rich King look at it too, and he thought it was original. The seller assured me it was. Rich confirmed that the price I paid was right in the ballpark, that it would appreciate in value. The only downside are those two throwoffs, which are very fragile, break easily, and are nearly impossible to replace. So, transporting the drum will be tricky. It always has to be cased. I have an old snare case, but may invest in something more substantial.
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