1. gobears10

    Tower of Power - What Is Hip? (Drum Cover)

    After months of practice, I'm excited to share my drum cover of "What Is Hip?" by Tower of Power! Diving into David Garibaldi's linear grooves and funky ghost notes was incredibly fun. Couldn't help smiling and dancing along. Enjoy
  2. kaancelenjazz

    Well You Needn't (Trade) video from my concert

    Thanks for watching:)
  3. Anon La Ply

    Our "jazz" album

    All the talk about fusion being dead seemed like a good time to drive in my own small nail :) Over the years, my old jam pal and I did the occasional jazzy tune, so I put them together in this collection - there's all kinds of styles because it's amateur music made purely for fun, warts and...
  4. A

    Cymbalholics alumni

    Hey guys! Decided to join. I heard Joe was here. :) Any other Cymbalholics here? Need some advice on what ride sounds like Tony Williams. I want to spend hours debating gram weights. I need to find a China that doesn't sound like a China. I need this to sound good. ;-) -ADG
  5. Z

    Can you buy just the rattan handle of vibraphone mallets?

    I'm looking to wrap my own mallets for jazz vibraphone and I need to find four matching handles. I would prefer rattan over wood... I cannot for the life of me get google to find results for just the stick part. I don't need any of the yarn wrapped around it already. I could keep scrounging...
  6. B

    Your top 10 hybrid rudiments for jazz

    I'm interested in learning some hybrid rudiments and applying them in a jazz context, but the lists on the web are too long (one I found had 500!). What 10 have you found to be the most useful or fun to use in jazz? cheers
  7. kaancelenjazz

    Hello Everyone!My new album is out

    I am Kaan Çelen, a disabled drummer from Türkiye. The release of “Fellowship,” debut album of A.K.A., on digital platforms is just around the corner, scheduled for February 10. The band, formed by the Azerbaijani pianist and composer Afshin Alizadeh, drummer Kaan Çelen, and the seasoned bass...
  8. N

    Gretsch Renown for Jazz?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Gretsch Renown in 18/14/12 sizes. I originally was looking at the Catalina Clubs, but thought I'd look for something a step up in quality that I wouldn't feel like upgrading in a few years. Anyone have any experience with Renowns for jazz/small combo playing? I...
  9. Timo-Germany

    Butterfly by Gretchen Parlato - Drum Playthrough

    Butterfly by Gretchen Parlato has been haunting me for a long time, until a few month ago I just never dared to approach this delicate song. Here now is my interpretation of this beautiful song. I hope you enjoy watching and listening.
  10. riddle


    im not good at jazz as each of my limbs must be in different counts, i've been playing rock for most of the time but still id like to hone my skills further. so could any of you tell me how i should start out to train my independence i have problems even with basic samba beats my body just...
  11. U

    18" or 20" bass drum for jazz and fusion

    I own a 22" bass drum and it lacks versatility for jazz playing. For acoustic jazz, what sized bass drum should I use? Also, what would you suggest for fusion playing (chick corea/hiromi style)?
  12. FunkyJazzer

    Premier Artist Heritage or Sonor Jungle?

    Hey guys! In May I placed an order for a Force 3007 Jungle Kit in red maple (none in that colour in the country, apparently - so it was placed on back order for me), but I'm still waiting for it. I know I'm an idiot. Most people would have given up by now, but time has really flown by. Anyway...
  13. D

    Stick Control applications on the drum kit!!!

    We had a large (and very informative) thread about Stick Control. I am creating a thread to discuss ways the book can be applied to and around the drum kit. Everyone knows the "bible" should not only be confined to just the snare drum. So let's think outside the box a little eh? I'll start...
  14. oops

    Joy Spring (Jazz Quartet)

    Hey guys. Here's most of a track called Joy Spring (from a Clifford Brown/Max Roach recording). The first half of the head got chopped off because I took too long to record it. I recorded it at our weekly restaurant gig. It features a drum solo (by me) at about 3:20, which was slightly...
  15. D

    Heel down control is rough!!!

    With the aid of my drum instructor I am really digging into Jim Chapin’s "Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer." I just came home from the studio frustrated beyond belief because I am trying to gain better control over my right foot playing heel-down. It’s rough! I am hashing out the...
  16. K

    scenes from a jazz gig

    ..scenes from one of my quartet's gigs.Hope you enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOMXS3vEZRo