Stick Control applications on the drum kit!!!


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We had a large (and very informative) thread about Stick Control. I am creating a thread to discuss ways the book can be applied to and around the drum kit. Everyone knows the "bible" should not only be confined to just the snare drum. So let's think outside the box a little eh?

I'll start:

Simple but challenging exercise for the jazzers out there. Take the exercises in the first three pages (all of the eighth note patterns), and consider them EIGHTH NOT TRIPLETS. Now use this key:

R = Kick drum
L = Snare drum

Now... over different Jazz and Shuffle ostinatos of your choice, apply these exercises as a stream of eighth note triplets. This is good for your limbs and your brain. Applying all of those four-note sticking patterns into triplets in 4/4 is a good way to practice some challenging syncopated rhythms to help as conditioners. This makes it so the snare and kick pattern doesn't even repeat itself for five measures. Good luck!!!


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Here's some. Play hand patterns as solo ideas over top of different foot ostinatos (samba, baio, tumbao etc). Orchestrate them first on snare, then spread them out across kit, starts sound good if you accent the right hand notes on something like the bell of a ride and ghost the snare notes with the left hand.