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    Great message to posters of this forum and all musicians

    I thought this would be an appropriate quote for this forum and thought it could answer many of the questions that repeatedly pop up with one simple read "you've got to learn your instrument. Then you practice, practice, practice. Then when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget...
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    Pinn Panelle covers Skrillex....nice drummer

    yeah this has been around a while but these kids are fantastic....perfect cover very good drummer
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    for all you metal cats.....a great video

    this cat is awesome first you hear it live camera mic then the same performance processed
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    the magical unintentional hi hat tap

    on my bop kit where I play primarily traditional grip ....the height of my hi hat (which is fairly low when I play jazz) allows me to grab these fantastic taps with the butt of the left stick occasionally when reaching for the rack tom these started unintentionally but I have recently...
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    strictly jazz drumming forum?

    does anyone know of one?
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    help with "Someone to watch over me"

    playing a gig on sat with a bunch of cats I have never played with.....the first time we will play together is when the first tune is counted off sat night.... the woman who is singing wants to do "someone to watch over me" Im assuming its the Ella version.....but she is insisting there be...
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    your practice regimen

    Im curious as to what is involved in some of your practice regimens...... I know what I do.....would love to know what you do... do you warm up and cool down? do you stay on one idea until its locked? do you skip around and work on lots of different things? do you keep a log? do you have...
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    Mastering the Tables Of Time

    anyone else have this book by David Stanoch? I love it.... fantastic approach and the accompaniment of the online video demonstrations is great HIghly recommend it the quote form Tony Williams that was the inspiration for the book... "Its all in time. Don't do things faster; faster...
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    Solo Development...... Im working on a deal with a certain cymbal company.....been in negotiations for about a year....... and they have me booked for a few clinic type performances at a couple music stores and schools..... I have spent about 4 months so far developing this solo Im going to be using ...
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    A kid on the right track

    crazy sick independence for a child. he is gonna put us all out of work one day :)