the magical unintentional hi hat tap


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on my bop kit where I play primarily traditional grip ....the height of my hi hat (which is fairly low when I play jazz) allows me to grab these fantastic taps with the butt of the left stick occasionally when reaching for the rack tom

these started unintentionally but I have recently started to develop this and use it to my advantage

it adds such a nice dimension when exploring the kit......especially when "chicking" 2 and 4 on the hats and catching that occasional open hat

anyone else use this technique ?


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I'm usually spending my time trying not to make unintentional things happen when playing "for reals" but when I'm just practicing, sometimes I'll develop things that happened on accident. I'd wager a good portion of the "new" ideas we hear out there were at infancy a mistake.


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I've done it unintentionally and the thought occurred to me that I should try to woodshed it and find a way to work it into something I could use, but I never have. So, I do what I do whenever I make a mistake: Play it again to make it sound intentional. :)


"Uncle Larry"
Moonie let one of his tricks out of the bag eh? I'd be stupid not to experiment with that. I'll get back to you and tell you if I can get it together.