strictly jazz drumming forum?


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cymbalholics is the closest I've seen, but I've noticed more than one knuckle-dragging heathen over there (with 2oo2s and new Zildjians with brilliant finishes, lol). I don't think anyone's come up with perfect way to screen out the riff-raff.

Good luck

Too Many Songs

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Nice idea. I was about to start a thread on exemplary recorded performances of jazz standards with the idea of being able to recommend a disc library for students of jazz. But a dedicated forum would be a better place to develop that kind of idea.

So whose going to set up a Jazz Drummers forum?

P.S. - No Paiste 2002's here - just K's

Too Many Songs

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Why don't you two start one?
I'm strictly an ideas man. :)

The truth is I don't have the time or patience and couldn't hope to put together something as useful and informative and entertaining as DW - Bernhard you are a top bloke.

BTW had a look at your site a little while ago. Looks great and always nice to put a face to a name.


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I feel like there has to be one out there...I just cant find it....

would be great to have...

I just dont have the slightest idea how to start a simply a drummer



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Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea how you start or run an online forum? I don't look at myself as unintelligent but I just have no grasp of the business of web design.