Would you gig with a "bad" band?

Run like the wind. Form your own band, that way you can pick the musicians or play in a group set up to play out. Learn the tunes at home, have show focused band rehearsals and play shows.
No slackers allowed!
Would you gig with a "bad" band?

Sometimes (most times) when you sub for another drummer you don't have a choice. It does make it easy to be the best player in the band.
And usually the audience and other band members notice and you get lots of compliments after the gig.

If you did the gigs how much would your reputation be in tatters? Would it be, the band is good shame about the guitarist or it just be shame about the band?!
To answer the question, no I would not gig with a bad band. I'm not really a fan of gigging anyhow at this point. The band would have to be super fantastic, or make me an offer I cant refuse. The latter would be extremely difficult.
Yeah I would take the money but I wouldn't give them any loyalty if things didn't improve.

And I guess the other players would observe your character if you are being shitty/complaining about that guitarist all the time and that would leave a bad impression with them, so control yourself lol
Isn’t this dependent on how much $$$ you’re making? If the band sucks but are willing to pay me $250 a night, then I’m gonna stay. I try not to be too artsy about these situations. If there’s money to be made, they might as well give it to me. Of course, if there’s no money being made, then sure, be as artsy as you want. I would exercise my artists license too in the case of playing for close to free.
Q: Would you gig with a "bad" band?

A: In general, no.

In practice, it depends on the pay. Maybe for something like $500 an evening. That seems like a good rate for a night of bad jazz.
is that $500 for the whole band or per person? 🧐
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Yes. I would gig with a bad band. I've done it before. Do your very best and see where it goes. Here are a few stories from my past:

Failure: I agreed to fill in for a terrible country/folk band that never practiced and specialized in 1940's era music. The average age of the band members was about 70. They were unpleasant people to be around but appreciated my efforts, so I tried my very best. I filled in 4 or 5 more times but frankly, couldn't take it any more. The music was SOOOO bad and the money was so insignificant, that I just had to leave. Strangely enough, they'd play almost 4 hours straight, with just one tiny break in the middle of the set. Weird.

Success: My very first band (early 1980's) was an awful classic rock band composed of 40 year old dudes still living in their parents' basements. I was an 18 year old college freshman, just learning the drums and was easily the worst musician in the band. I was awful! I stuck with it. I played all through college in this awful band and actually made a lot of money. The drunks didn't know we were terrible.

Yeah... I'd definitely give it a shot. Try to make it work. If not, exchange phone numbers with any good players and start a new band minus the bad ones.
The piano player is good , the bass player is ok and will probably improve . You say the guitarist is bad . If that’s true about his playing , maybe he’ll get better and maybe he won’t, but what’s troubling is that your convo with him shows what’s seems to be a complete lack of self awareness . This will become a problem down the road with him with other things if all true.
If you’re unsure of your assessment of him and what went down at rehearsal you can always ask the keys and bass player what they thought and if they think you’re all ready to gig and their overall assessment 🤷🏻‍♂️.

You can always just give it a shot and see where it goes , and bail down the road if need be, but if you’re truly not happy with the product, the money’s not worth it and or you think it’s a waste of time then bail now .
Going on what you’ve told us but not actually being there it’s kinda tough for us to decide for you, but I’d probably give it a shot 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Maybe just honestly tell him your not comfortable playing out unless you get things a little tighter through more rehearsal time .

Do you like the guys ? That’d make it a little easier to give it a go . If not than why bother 🤷🏻‍♂️.
I’ve played with some good musicians on and off but i learned over the years if they were total tools it just wouldn’t last anyway so why waste my time. The only time I’ve suffered through that is if I was subbing occasionally , the money was decent and I enjoyed the music we were playing
I gotta like the guys I’m gonna be playing with in long term situations.
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is that $500 for the whole band or per person? 🧐
In this case, 500 a body. I’ve historically no problem playing for next to nothing (or at a loss) for something I really enjoy. The situation described is very much not that. There is also almost zero chance anybody is gonna pay me that kind of money to play jazz, however bad the band may be. In any given city, there are far better options who are going to do it for less.

Bad jazz commands a premium.
Here‘s what to do. Take the gig, as long as the bassist and pianist do too. Then play at the three places the guitarist has contacts with, and be sure to get the booker’s contact info at each place. After that, either fire the guitarist or start a new band with just the bassist and pianist. Contact the three bookers, let them know you fired the guitarist since he wasn’t up to snuff, and book shows there with your new band. Problem solved!
I honestly can't give you a fair opinion if I can't hear what this dude actually sounds like. Is he really that bad a player or are you a bandmate with highly demanding standards? If I could hear a clip I think I could answer more fairly.
As a Bluesman? HELL NO, but in that situation, I have more or less complete control over who plays. I don't do the band thing. I'm the act, and I have a roster of folks on my contact list to play drums, bass, and whatever. I get the gig, they get the call, whomever calls back first is on the roster that night.

As a drummer? I'm just starting out. Pay me, and we're good.