Why Can't Bass Drum Spurs Be (a lot) Smaller?

This probably isn’t the best place for my (only half serious) reply/question/whatever. But it is re: bass spurs….
I buy several used kits every year (very used in most cases). I’ll give them whatever love they need. Mostly it’s rewrap, disassemble, clean out the dust and roaches - ya, both kind - polish the hardware, etc. Then I resale, donate, loan to new students or whatever I have to do to get it out of the house before my wife says, “Really? Do we need seven sets of drums laying around the work area???”
Finally, here’s the issue: Is there an Amazon sized warehouse full of bass spurs in every city?? It seems that 90% of the used kits I find are missing at least one, usually both, spurs. How do they get separated so easily? The floor tom legs are almost always intact. Spurs? No.

Obviously it’s the new pandemic and we need to get a dedicated government panel together to solve this issue!

To anyone still listening, thank you. I feel better for getting that off my chest.