Where do you live / where have you lived?


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I live in South Florida. Was born in Ohio, but was moved here when I was only 3, so technically just FL. I enjoy it here, but I enjoy travelling more than anything. May make a move out to Cali next year. We'll see.


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I currently reside in New London, CT. However I spent the last 20 years in the Navy so I have lived all over the country. Originally from Sacramento Ca, I have lived, for varying lengths of time, in Virginia Beach, Redding, CA, Honolulu, Guam, Los Angeles, CA.


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I love reading the English names. I think from now on I will be from Seminole-On Beach, Florida

drumming sort of person

Toronto, Canada
Padova, Italia
back to Toronto, Canada
Miami, Florida
Redondo Beach, California
Studio City, California
Los Angeles, California
Huntington Beach, California
Newport Beach, California
Santa Monica, California
and now back in Newport Beach, California


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Plymouth, Michigan. Yes....that is where I live


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Used to live in München for a long time. After that travelled around Germany for a bit. God bless the EU's open borders! Back in the UK now.


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Hi everybody!
I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

This is my studio:






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Real name - Barry
Location - Leyland, Lancashire (UK)

Been playing a set of V drums for the last few years but only just really begun learning technique.



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Outside of a small town in Missouri, called Wright City./ New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and where my mom and dads family has been for generations and still are- Hilo, Hawaii.


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I live at the approximate geographical center of New York State, USA, 4-5 hours northwest of NYC at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. One of the biggest "industries" here is dairy farming (the Chobani and Fage yogurt companies are just south and east of us) but there has been a major investment in nanotechnology in the area recently.

I lived in a few other cities in NY state during college, but this is where I am now. As you can see from my post info, I'm originally from Omicron Persei 8. It is true what they say, "Women are from Omicron Persei 7 and men are from Omicron Persei 9."


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Patterson, ca...Near Modesto. Moved out to this hot ass valley from the SF Bay Area, chasing a Woman, and eventually Marrying her.
No music scene here, unles you are in to Mariachi.