Where do you live / where have you lived?

Born in Nottingham
Raised in Newark
Moved to Royal Leamington Spa when I joined The Varukers in 1986
Went to University in Birmingham
Moved to Nottingham
Moved to Sherwood Forest (Yes, where Robin Hood was said to have lived ;) )
Born: Chicago, IL
Raised: Raba Wyzna, Poland and Chicago, IL
Currently: Tampa, FL

If you're not a shady human being and live in Tampa feel free to DM me, Im looking for people to jam with. P.S. I suck
San Antonio, Texas
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (Upper penninsula)
Omaha, Nebraska
Vienna, Virginia
Dayton, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Canton, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Columbus again, and still
I was born in SF (so was Clint Eastwood and Danny Glover). Moved to the east bay. Then L.A. Lived in Vegas for about a year. Back to the bay area. Dublin, Castro Valley, Hayward and then moved to Enumclaw, WA in 1999 and haven't been back to the California rat race since.

Small world. I grew up in Dublin, still live nearby. Went to Cal High in SR.
For every major move a new kit

Bexhill on Sea - Hayman Vibrasonic gold warp
Kingston upon Thames - Premier XPK
Newcastle upon Tyne - Premier Genista
State College, Pa, USA - a battered Ludwig in silver sparkle wrap
Nottingham - Gary Noonan Stave / Yamaha Absolute
Currently, Nashville, TN. And yes, the rumors are true. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a musician down here!

Also lived in Manchester, TN (home of the Bonnaroo Music Festival), Knoxville, TN and Waukesha, WI.
Born and raised in Worcester, MA... 40 miles west of Boston, USA. Is there anyone here from Worcester?
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Re: Where do you live?

1st palce by half a point Baby! I live just outside of Boston in Dorchester/Milton area. Go Pats and Go Sox. Been great years for Boston sports lately.
So far you're the closest location to where I live that I have seen on this forum.
Re: Where do you live?

I live in Rotorua New Zealand which has a lot of mud pool's which makes it stink all the time
New Zealand is a beautiful country. Approximately 50 years ago I saw slides of New Zealand that my ex-husband took while he was in the Navy.
Born in Dallas
Grew up in New England
Went to college in Virginia
Moved to Long Island's south shore
Moved to Manhattan
Moved to Queens
Moved to Long Island's north shore
Moved to central Virginia
Moved to San Diego
Now live in Portland (the left one)
I live in Worcester, MA... 40 miles west of Boston, USA. Is there anyone out there from Worcester?
No, but I saw one of my favorite ever concerts there. (Bruce Springsteen, the second night of his Tunnel of Love Express show, February 28, 1988, wherein he managed to do something no one else in the entire venue could have done, and forgot the words to "Born to Run," of all songs)
I live in Worcester MA, 40 miles west of Boston and lived here my entire life.
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Well?..i can't really say in case someone wants to hunt me down..stock me and jump me as I often carry as much as 40 to 60 bucks on me quite often. It's not worth it. Tonight after a few Ipa's at junior 55's in Tennessee I'll tell you.
In California:

Simi Valley, Box Canyon (Canoga Park), Northridge, Woodland Hills, Castaic, and Reseda.

In Florida:

Port Saint Lucie
Born and raised in Baltimore, MD
Lived in:
VA, NC, SC, FL, TX, WA, and CO.
Now living in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico.

I get around.
Not listed: places the U.S. Army sent me.