Whatcha Reading Right Now?

I recently bought another Anne Frank magazine (The Truth About the Diary - 80 Years Later)... for some reason I started collecting magazines and books about the Holocaust years ago and soon I hope to read this one cover to cover as I did with the others.
I was a huge fan of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac in the 1960s. When Christine McVie joined and their sound changed, I lost my attraction for their music. When Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined, it didn't move my attention meter either. I saw them in concert in the 1980s and was more enthralled by the teaming women in the front than the music. My date was clearly enthralled with Stevie, too. Then, last week at a jam session a discussion arose about Fleetwood Mac. I scoffed at how "the women" changed the band's sound and a guitarist loaned me this book. ⬇️ I had no idea how poorly Stevie Nicks was treated by men. I also didn't know she wrote the music to her lyrics; I always figured it was a band endeavor. She has endured a lot of BS. I'm now going back and listening to Rumours. (The book itself is written by a guy who is pandering to her fans, so it's not high literature, but he dug up a lot of BTS info.)

Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Didn't know it was originally penned in French then translated to English.
The impressive thing about Verne is that he came up with all those concepts (submarines, helicopters and such) way before they were invented.
99¢ sci fi books, not good but….at least they have 🛸🚀👽to keep me occupied and daily Nanotechnology news, astronomy news, anthropology news…
finished the Pope John Paul II biography

moving on to Destination Onward: the Fates Warning story.

These guys are my #3 most favorite band ever behind Rush and Iron Maiden, and their beginnings reflect the beginnings of my prog metal band back in the 80's, but they got the lucky call from Metal Blade, and we got the "we don't have enough room on our team for you guys right now" phone call....but we at least got to talk to Brian Slagel, and didn't just get "the letter"
The instructions that came with the curtain tracks we have been installing at my girlfriend's house.

Whoever wrote them has been takin' lessons from Tolkien.

wait...you got instructions with words?

I only ever get half-assed "drawings" of the parts fitting together
Currently rereading Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay, "Nature.". (like 'hanging out' in the 1840s with all those New England Transcendental folks. What a fascinating and sometimes conflicting and sometimes far out bunch)