What products have caused you to become a snob?

Ohhh buddy...im still waitin on that piece of equiptment. I've got my guns cocked and loaded but like Barney Fife haven't had a reason to shoot yet and at my age...aint happenin.
One of the snare stands has a slightly loose nut
You mean the one behind it on the throne?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
We had a saying about drivability concerns in the auto industry: must be the loose nut behind the wheel.
Once someone asked if I fixed it and I said no, I'm not qualified, that requires someone with a psychology degree.
The only thing I feel entitled about is being able to say a Stage Custom is crappy kit. I paid for a new one, hated it, and couldn't wait to get rid of it. Lost a $100 on the resale and felt damn glad about it! The fact that I PAID for it entitles me to give my opinion on it.

As far anything I play now? I'm willing to pay for quality but it best be on sale. I really don't care what peeps think of my gear. I have 2 kits and 3 snares. It's all paid for and everything gets played plenty.
Paiste Signature cymbals. :ROFLMAO:

I think that the load-in & out drummers provide, along with first to arrive-last to leave, makes us less prone to snobbery.

That said, when I step behind my kit (with its flashy Scorched Copper Burst/Dark Nickel hardware and no-excuses quality) I feel pressure to play well enough that I belong behind my kit.
Not in the way described by PPG, but I’ve tried my best to avoid entry level anything. I grew up in a home were cheap ruled and cheaper was king. Year after year we’d put up with crap stuff, till it was absolutely unusable, then buy the next cheapest thing and repeat. With that I’ve done my best to buy at least mid-grade stuff. I have to have good reason to go high end, but try and find the best value product and go with that. I guess I’m a snob to some degree because I just despise cheap. Now, if cheap is simply monetary and not quality, then I’m all in.

With drums, I’ve just learned to avoid overthought and overbuilt stuff. They have almost always been way better in the brochure than in reality, and heavy too!
I grew up with my mother and my sister, (my father was not really part of the picture). My mother gave us what she could which was not much. I was not unhappy but we were poor (very poor compared to people that lived in other countries. (I was raised in Mexico so things like having a car were very unattainable to me). Much later in life, a few years ago, I got laid off from my job. (and didn't immediately start to collect unemployment) but I struggled to get a job right away so my bills started to pile up, I eventually went on unemployment, then soon after, got a job. After all that and for years, I lived frugally. I got to the point were my car needed to be replaced but I kept driving it because something told me I couldn't afford a new one. (completely untrue as I was making really good money and was debt free). So, I broke down and got a new vehicle... I think that was the drop that spilled the water in the glass... I now go for quality (when it matters) and will not buy a cheap car again. (For example). There are other things not automotive or music related where generic will not cut it but I try to have a balance when having the name brand or top of the line doesn't matter. I am not a brand advocate so if I find it cheaper and possibly better elsewhere I will switch. Does that make a snob with certain things? maybe, but I will not make fun of someone for having a cheaper car/instrument/whatever. I respect the fact that we are all in different stages of our lives and while I am not poor anymore and stopped thinking like a poor person, I understand that others have to go through their own journey and they might never be "not poor" even if it's only in their minds. (if having to choose what finish your custom drums are going to be is your biggest problem, you are far from poor).
I guess for me it would be high-end cymbals. I can make most any drum sound okay, but cymbals have to be *right*.
It would be very hard to argue this point, unless you consider riveting or otherwise altering a cymbal to create a more appealing sound..
The real reason I play lesser drums. I belong there.
I must vigorously protest this thought pattern. Maybe I've listened to too many training courses on pudcast or Audible, but I bet you are better than you give yourself credit for, and belong behind any kit out there.
You mean the one behind it on the throne?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
We had a saying about drivability concerns in the auto industry: must be the loose nut behind the wheel.
Once someone asked if I fixed it and I said no, I'm not qualified, that requires someone with a psychology degree.
Haha, yeah I feel sometimes like the loose nut on the throne 🥴, your reference to the loose nut behind the wheel reminds me of my beloved candy apple red '69 Mustang fastback I drove when I was 16-21 years old. The manual steering had about 3" of 'play', and anytime the tires hit a seam in the asphalt, they would grab and pull the car, making me appear at times as a driver in a Hitchcock movie constantly oversteering/correcting even on straightaways. A loose nut indeed 🔩

As far as driveability, I have no qualifications either
After playing drums for almost 30 years, I've never been happier with my current setup; however, I feel like its caused me to enter the world of snobbery. I now adjust my powdered wig and hike up my pantaloons while I look down my nose at lesser gear and snidely remark things like, "Well, if you can be happy with that, then good for you." I've found myself uttering "tut-tut" when browsing Craigslist as my maid lights my cigarette from its 12" holder. As I lounge in the parlor on sunny days, I have pageboys come before me, kneel with heads down while lifting up the latest, greatest whatever from the world of drumming on velvet pillows. I find myself giving a slight hoity chuckle, and with a slight flutter of hand, I simply say, "Off with you" while they scurry away. It's good to be the king.

*Stands to take a bow

Ludwig Forever!? (y)
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