What do you guys think of this young drummer?


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I live in Thailand and there are some totally crazy good drummers here. Most of them these days playing at a high / recording / concert level university trained young guys. I have seen stuff done on drums here I never imagined. Mainly because of the many different styles and genres here. Some really weird, tricky timing. Anyway I love this guys precision and technique and the man (or boy) is obviously very brave doing stick twirls in the middle of a major concert opening. If it were me the sticks would slip out of my hands and go flying into the bit. Guy has a You tube channel called Earthdrum.

Real nice playing. Less a fan of the music, though. Not a fan of 80s sounding digital keys ;)
I rarely watch anything on YouTube like this, but he has a fantastic groove, and he's nice and relaxed. He's easy to listen to, unlike so many "gospel chops" drumming that I've heard and watched online.
A couple of spots I found slightly excessive, but playing is pretty solid.

I don't really twirls sticks, but I don't really consider that twirling as much as a little something that even I might do spontaneously and unconsciously between exercises ot when counting something off even at home.
Solid and groovy if a little busy in places. Poor choice of cymbals though. Too dark and trashy for that type of music.
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Some very tasteful stuff in there, & a few “empty the tool box” moments too. He gets a pass on the toolbox stuff from me based on youthful enthusiasm. I was in that musical head space for a short time back in the day (weren’t we all?), only not as good as this promising young man.
He's a very good player, but he is a bit busy and the music blows big time. I also think his choice of cymbals is odd and certainly not what I would use. He's obviously having a good time.