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Hey everyone! I know its been a couple of weeks since I've been around and I wanted to give you an update.

My singing is going pretty well. We had a hiccup in the band in that we lost our guitar player and have been looking for a new one. Finally, I believe we have one and rehearsals should start getting serious next week. We are getting a pretty good set list going.

Unfortunately, all of this has meant learning lots of lyrics and new music and I haven't been on the kit at all. I've been making some tough decisions as a result.

I've decided to put my energy into my singing right now. Therefore, I'm giving up my drum lessons to focus on the other. I still play for fun when I can but, honestly, there is more of a future for me with a band with singing than with drumming. I just don't have the skills at this point to carry a band as a drummer. In the end, what I want is to make music and singing is just a better way for me to do that.

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent agonizing over these decisions. However, I feel like it's the right one for me. So....I probably won't be around on the forum very much although I probably will lurk. :) I miss you guys and I wish I knew how to thank you for everything you've done for me the past 3 years. I promise to keep up with my drumming...at least as a hobby. I love it too much to abandon it and it's what got me started.

Perhaps when we play our first gig, I'll post some video for you so you can see if I've made the right decision or not! lol.

I'll be around, so it's not goodbye..just see you later :) I hope some of you will keep in touch, even if you don't see me here. Private message me whenever you want or catch me on Facebook (look up Mary O'Neil and you'll find me). Love you guys and Happy Drumming!.

Smart move Mary, one you won't regret. Tough choice, but really, it's no contest. Being the singer is the better gig if you can do it. You MUST stop in from time to time to let us know how things are going, OK?
Tough decision, but a good one. So long as you don't completely abandon what got you started in the first place. One day you may want to play more than sing, so keep the option open! Good luck over there!
All I can say is that I'm thrilled that your singing is working out so well!

If you hadn't started to play drums, you may never have started singing either, so that's a pretty good investment of your time, I reckon.

Best of luck to you!
The decision to be a well rounded musician seems to be a good one to me. Going between disciplines helps me have perspective.
Why can't you do both? I could never give up the drumming part even though I am way better singer. Anyway good luck. Vocal coaches are always a good idea too. I'm married to one :)
Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Why can't you do both? I could never give up the drumming part even though I am way better singer. Anyway good luck.

Larry, I will keep drumming...just not as part of the band...at least not right now. Just being realistic I realize that I'm not a good enough drummer to keep a good band going. I'm not opposed to sitting in a song here or there if the opportunity arises though :)

I really just have to follow my gut on this one...

I'm missing you already... Sniff sniff :(
Mary, it was wanting to follow your first gig's progress that got me hooked on DW in the first place, so I look forward to hearing more about the next phase in your journey.
Knock em' dead Mary.Not many people have a unique voice like you do,so you made the tough,but smart decision.I'll be looking foward to same more samples of your singing with a live band.May the road rise my friend.:)

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Wow, missed this Mary.

Following your gut is the best guide, as there's no manual you can buy to guide you. You've got pipes, & a love for music. It would be a real shame not to give your vocals 100%.

Yes, please post a video of your gigs. I don't care if you're drumming or not. Still love you, & still just as interested in your journey. Apart from anything else, carrying your microphone to gigs opens up the possibility of cool rock chick entrances by arriving on your bike!!!

Don't be a stranger, & keep showing those tubs some love.

My fondest regards & best wishes, Andy x
If I had any singing ability, I'd be tempted to give up drums to pursue that too.

But hey, that doesn't mean you have to stop posting.
For some reason I thought I'd already posted here. Must have been interrupted. Anyway, good on you, Mary. You have talent and you're using it.

Have you gone to The Modern Vocalist forum yet? :)
Bon Voyage, Mary O. I think all that drumming you did will help you with your timing as a singer. It's important for a singer to have good timing and phrasing. So, it was not a loss. Plus, if you want to produce some original music in a home studio or something, you'll already have a drummer. Good luck!
Aww thanks, everyone! It's a scary thing but off I go on another adventure :) Don't worry, I'll keep in touch. Can't stay away from drummers too long without getting homesick!

Anon, I haven't dived into Modern Vocalist yet but have seen it. Need to jump in, I guess. Still just getting my toes wet...lol. Lots of new information swirling around in my brain right now!

And don't worry...you can't completely get rid of me...I'm like that skeezy guy in the panel van..Always Lurking!
Yes Mary and we want videos of you singing. I must say your journey took an unexpected turn. We all got to witness you go from a total beginner to playing in bands...it was cool to watch your progress. Now you've decided to lead the whole thing by being the singer. Wow.

That's great. If it wasn't for DW, and all the encouragement you got here, I wonder if all this would have even happened.

But yea videos when you get some, please.

Love you Mary Oh!