Tom angles!!!!

YouTube's been sending me a lot of Smiths recommendations, undoubtedly due to bassist Andy Rourke's recent passing. Which is how I found myself watching this 1984 live clip, featuring great songs, great playing and most of all, a single killer tom angle/placement.

Not strictly a tom angles post, but I just had to share something I just ran into on my local FBMP.

This poster has taken the toms off the bass drum tom mounts for the picture. But to do so, they disassembled the tom arms at the pivot rather than just loosening the tom mounting bracket.

I wonder where the wingnuts, bolts, washers and springs are... [edit: and this is just the tip of the iceberg, there's plenty of other things a little off about this kit...]

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lemme see what recent pic on this laptop I got..
It's not that Rad. About a 45 deg angle R/L on a twin tom set you gotta spread and "bend em out"...pearl 012.JPG

How ya like my toilet paper stash..

66 Gretsch in foreground

pearl 014.JPG

pearl 015.JPG

spooky the dark Knievel set

those two high up uninked pic/right my left. are old Ks , a 13" and 16"
19" Turk /20 Turk /21 flat Turk (14 Trads)
the rest

and the over the summer next 5 gigs are the 66 RWP RB Gretsch with two- 20A and 14 old old K match

The 66 Gretsch are getting the action


put it this way
the 00' BKs and Bos are the '19 Lambo Aventador with dual clutch 8sp and Awd
the 66 G are the 1965 330 GT 2+2 with manual trans, windup back windows and key start
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flat angle I can't smank the hump
I can't push it into the ditch..
I need (utilize) that shank (flat stick) crash

as far as the holes I'm well protected
also I only have a couple heavy cymbals- a 2877g Old K 60s 22 and a 3013g K Dark Medium 22-
majority of my cymbals are light/ medium light..
so angle won't (hasn't) hurt em in a mil years
Bronze is tuff
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Happy weekend
"Kit isn’t tuned so you’ll need a drum key, otherwise fully functional"
"This drum set was used as a prop for a photography studio for many years, and has been left out in the sun for a good part of it’s life, thus the condition of this set is sub-standard"
"the surface finish on some of the shells is scuffed or chipped (I got them that way)"
"Please don’t waste my time"
"If you only want the shells, I will sell them seperatley for $150"
I've been slacking, sorry folks
"INCLUDES additional tom, not in picture.CYMBALS are an available OPTIONAL as well cowbell,Temple blocks and stand"
"Played a few times but moving and need to sell ASAP"
"It's small so perfect for a child. Some things need to be fixed but I've only used it 3 times as I never fully picked up the art of drumming. And my neighbors didn't exactly want me practicing.... So it's been sitting here for a few years. I originally paid 400$ for it. But the replacement part (which are just pieces to add. Not to screw on or anything) is probably like 30$. So 200$ off isn't bad. I want it out asap. Need this room for my office space"
"Full Drum Set with Zildigan Cymbals, Brings sticks and a case for your sticks. Very enjoyable playing and nice sounding, free moongels included to dampen up the sounds of the drums"
"I don’t play drums so I don’t know if there are missing pieces or parts"
"Selling this drum set for my granddaughter. I bought it for her 6-7 years ago, but she has since gotten married and moved into a townhouse and hasno room for it"
"Skins were re-done in 2018"
"some lugs will need to be replaced they are known for breaking, still avail on ebay"
"I had the dog leash tied to the right bass drum spur. Picture taken just as the dog saw a squirrel while I was simultaneously slipping on a banana peel".


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Here we go again
"Adjustable Drum Stool" :poop:
"$1,000" [seriously, he's trying to sell this for a grand]
"You'll need to get a drum key to get it sounding good but welcome to test it out"
"Has the stool, drums, and cymbal stands" :poop:
"Picked up as a hobby during pandemic. Just no time to play."
"stress fractures from being transported on a truck from Colorado to Los Angeles"
"not only looks shiny, vibrant and glittery, but it is also durably made for regular playing. They are strong to sustain continuous play while producing a great sound"
"26'' x 14'' bass drum, 14'' x 10'' rack tom, 18'' x 16'' floor tom ... suitable for a wide range of drumming styles and genres"


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