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Hi all,
I have a few more things I am selling; DW members get a discount plus you pay shipping (I prefer to ship to lower 48). Links to my Reverb store so I don't clutter the thread with a bunch of photos:
-Bottom trim rings for concert toms-set of 12", 13", and 16". They're pretty bit up but being aluminum may be sanded smooth. DW price of $15
-Gibraltar Dunnett Rail Mount for floor tom kick conversions. This is for 10.5mm brackets. DW price of $30
-Gibraltar bass drum spurs, medium weight. These are also good for a floor tom to kick conversion. DW price of $20
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Remo 18”x3” Tar with 3 custom sets of zilli. Used as a Balkan dahare. $75

Defi with 4 sets of zilli 13” diameter with Evans G1 coated. $100

pics available upon request

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Bump for Price Drop-- $2,500.

I am selling my 3 piece DW Jazz Mahogany/Gum/Mahogany kit with snare and bags for $2,800.

DW Serial # 006664- Tom Tom 9” depth x 13” diameter; Timbre Note E
DW Serial # 006665- Floor Tom 16” depth x 16” diameter; Timbre Note Eb
DW Serial # 006666- Bass Drum 16” depth x 22” diameter: Timbre Note E
DW Serial # 004571- Snare 7” depth x 14” diameter; Timbre Note B

Also available for an additional $300 is a Collector’s DW Serial # 630489- Black Nickel over Brass Snare 6.5” depth x 14” diameter.

Points for consideration:

The average Collector’s/Jazz 3 piece shell pack (new) starts at around $3,300, excluding a snare.

All of the drums for sale are in MINT condition- flawless finish, well cared for, and hardly used.

I am a hobbyist musician (a very generous description). I have never played music outside of the comfort of my home. My drums have never been gigged or transported anywhere since I purchased them new in 2015. They have been stored in Drum Seeker padded bags in my home (A/C, no pets, no smoking).

Why sell? Regretfully, I just do not have the time to play drums, and I could benefit from down-sizing to free up space.

I am NOT interested in trades.

I prefer selling locally for CASH; I do not have PayPal. I’m located in South Florida. Driving a reasonable distance or even potentially shipping (at buyers expense) could be further discussed privately.

Thank you for looking. Please PM if you have any questions. I have a few more pictures, if needed.1 DW TT 13x9.jpeg3 DW TT 13x9.jpeg1 DW FT 16x16.jpeg2 DW FT 16x16.jpeg1 DW BD 22x16.jpeg2 DW BD 22x16.jpeg1 DW Snare 14x7.jpeg2 DW Snare 14x7.jpeg1 DW Snare BNoB 14x6.5.jpeg
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i am in search of a mapex saturn iii 20" bass drum. i know this is a needle in a hay stack but i'm gonna throw it out there anyway.

mapex saturn iii or series or silver badge, which ever you wanna call it (no v or iv or tour or pro's)
transparent cherry red (the darker later year red, not the sparkle)
with chrome hardware.

don't care about rather it's in a kit or alone, i'd take either. condition doesn't really matter as long as it's playable and intact but the nicer the better

and since i'm here, i'm always looking for the same in 8" 15" & 16" mounted rack toms, 15" floor toms 13" 14"x6.5" or 7" snares..

if you have any of these please pm me.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not related to this guy, nor do I work for him and in no way receiving any compensation for the following....

This guy is absolutely incredible in restoring old metal snare drums. I've posted about his work before when he was just doing Ludwig, but now he's doing the magic thing with Gretsch. The guy has no fewer than 40 drum refurbs listed at all times. Take a look.


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This is my ,1*first List of..: my Vinyles For Sale of..:
Jazz-Drummers.,:J.C.Heard+*Panama*Francis,+,Cozy Cole..-
Please E-Mail ,me,
for all of your requests,. Ciao fabio ,Roma..( January ,2020).,-

-1- cozy cole ,dr ,,dance music Whole crowd,, King ,H.Fid.,673..,-
-2- cozy cole ,dr ,,It is a Rocking Thing.,!! ,columbia,9353..,
^) ..copy...: Demostration ,Not For Sale,,..-
-3- cozy cole ,dr ,,cozy 's caravan,, by felsted ,Rcd..FAJ,7002..,-
-4- cozy cole ,dr+gene krupa+ray McKinley+'panama' francis+Orchestra.,
,,drums beat for dancing feet,, by Coral ,CRL,57423..,-
-5- cozy cole ,dr+Coleman Hawkins+Ben Webster ,,concerto for Cozy,,JA,5161..,-
-6- cozy cole ,dr ,,It 's a Cozy World,,*Topsy,1+2pt) ,Coral ,CRL.,757457,,.-
-7- cozy cole ,dr + orch. ,,a cozy conception of ''Carmen''
-8- cozy cole ,dr Live festival +buddy tate ,wallace Davenport ,vic
dickenson,, Curcio ,67..,-
-9- cozy cole ,dr,,+,,Earl Hine ,,Earl 's backroon = Cozy 's
-10- Jerry Jerome +Trio ,,featuring.,:cozy cole - teddy Wilson,p
-11- cozy cole ,dr Live festival ,,NICE - ALL - STARS,, +buddy tate
,wallace Davenport ,vic dickenson,, Black+Blue.33.092..,-
-12- cozy cole ,dr,,+,,'Hot' Lips Page ,tr ,,Jazz Collectors Series,,
by C ,16007..,-
-13- J. C. Heard.,dr +Orch,,some of this ,some of that,1987,, 'Hiroko' Rcd.,.-
-14- J. C. Heard.,dr+'The Detroit Jazz' ,,alive and well,, by
,parkwood ,Rcd.,102..,-
-15- J. C. Heard.,dr +Orch+Charlie Parker,,The Fabolous 'Apollo'
-16- J. C. Heard.,dr + Mr ,,B,, partners in time,, by 'Blind Pig Rcd' ….,-
-17- J. C. Heard.,dr ,, This is Me.,!! - J. C. Heard- ,, Argo
hi-fid.,LP,633,+,,45''dick,.frank wess ,jow newman ,bennie Powell .,).-
-18- 'Panama' Francis ,dr + Blues Band ,,Tough Talk.!!,, by T.F.M.,5101-mono..
-19- 'Panama' Francis ,dr Orch. ,,the beat behind Million-Sellers,,
-20- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans ,,everyThing Swing,, Stash,ST,233..,-
-21-'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans ,,'Panama' Story,, BlackBlue33,118..-
-22- 'Panama' Francis ,dr ,,exploding drums,, by EPIC.,LN,.3839...,-
**) Only For Demostration Use ,, Not For Sale..,
-23- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans,+,Jimmy Winterspoon ,,sings
the blues,,- by Muse record ,MR,5288..,-
-24- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans, ,,The Good Life,, PaddleWheel-Japn..,-
-25- 'Panama' Francis ,dr ,,All - Stars,, on 1949 - by Gotham ,KK,813..,-
-26- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans,+,Jimmy Winterspoon ,BlackBlue..,-
-27- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans,+,GEORGE KELLY ,sax ,Live in Cimiez,..-
-28- 'Panama' Francis ,dr,,+,, JOE TURNER ,piano+Vcl
,,Duo,,-Effervescent,, C.J,138.,-
-29- 'Panama' Francis ,dr-Savoy Sultans ,,Gettin ' in the Groove,,
- ,, -


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Hi everyone,

I am selling my CAD Premium 7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit with Carrying Case. I bought these mics but have never actually used them, so their condition is new. I paid $300 for them new. I would like to sell them for $225. Please contact me if interested. We could do a local pickup or I can send them to you in the mail. I am located in Indiana.


The CAD PMP742C is a low cost, seven-piece drum, percussion and instrument microphone kit. The kit consists of (4) TSM411 supercardioid microphones, (1) KBM412 microphone with extended low frequency response, (2) ICM417 Instrument Microphones, and
and (4) DMC-1 mic clips. The kit is ideal for capturing drum kits, percussion instruments, keyboard and guitar cabinets, etc. The PMP742C kit will perform well in live sound reinforcement and recording applications.

The KBM412 is a rugged kick mic with powerfully accurate low-end reproduction. The TSM411 neodymium dynamic mic is an excellent and versatile percussion mic that excels for use with toms, snares, cymbals, and congas. With the ICM417 electric condenser mic, you get natural, transparent sound for rich amplification of cymbals and effect percussion. The mic clips offer secure, easy mounting for your mics with effective isolation, adjustable height, and strain relief.


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Hi everyone, I'm thinning out my cymbal collection to raise funds to pay for the Sonor SQ1's I just ordered...I have the following available on my Reverb shop. Please go there for photos. I'm listing higher there, but if you send me an offer for what I have listed here, I will accept. Shipping in ConUS for $25. All are in very good to excellent condition, except as noted.

All Zildjian:
21" K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash - $325
20" K Custom Dark Ride - $200
20" K Dark Thin Crash - $240
17" K Custom Dark China - $225
14.25" K Custom Hybrid Hi-Hats - $190 (they have a ding on the edge, assume from stand toppling over, see photos, sound unaffected)
14" A Quick Beat Hi-Hats - $120

If you have any questions, please send me a message here or on Reverb. Thanks!


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WTB - Needle in a haystack search... Mapex Saturn III in Sterling Sparkle, fusion kit, 10/12/14/22, with or without snare.

No Me Metro

this seems like normal drum sizes. What does DW think makes it a jazz set. Just asking
My understanding from researching the DW website when I purchased them was that the hybrid shell with Gumwood in the middle distinguished this series as "Jazz" from the DW Collector's series. I always thought of the Jazz series as DW's attempt at older Gretsch style drums.

When I ordered these drums, I was able to order any sizes I wanted; there were no restrictions on sizes available similar to ordering Collector's. For what it is worth, each drum's interior sticker with the Order Number and Timbre Note describes the drum as "Collector's Mahogany Gum."