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Tama Swing Star tom from the eighties. I have for sell. I haven't had it that long at all. Made a mistake when I bought from ebay. Though that would work with my old school Tama Imperial Star. Wasn't that deep . Straight up solid color wrap black. 10x9 . I will ship. I just don't know how much that would cost. Only in the USA. I'll will sell for what I gave for it. $179. Contact me at


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[QUOTE="Donald Ray, post: 2018625, member: 525791 I should've marked these as sold.
Wanted Zildjian K Sweets
Hello All, I'm in the market for some previously loved K Sweet cymbals. I'm hoping to find 15" hats, 18" & 19" crashes and a 21" ride. If you have some please reach out.
Best to all......
I may sell my Barton Classic Maple blue sparkle kit and my Ludwig Supra 400 -
7 ply N American Maple - perfect 45 degree bearing edges 12-14-20- these drums are studio quality - let me know if there is any interest - thx
For sale:

DW 6000 ultra light hardware set with matching bag

2x 6710UL Cymbal stands
1x 6300UL Snare stand
1x 6500UL Hi-Hat stand
1x DSCP6000UL Carrying bag

All hardware pieces and the bag have all been used but are in excellent to like-new condition.

I have these posted on Craigslist in the Daytona Beach area, I have them listed as no shipping on Craigslist but I would consider shipping the set to a Drummerworld forum member in good standing as long as they are CONUS and pay shipping (I typically ship USPS, we can work this out via PM).

Asking $280 for Drummerworld members, please PM me here instead of responding to the craiglist add as this is a discounted price for members.

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I also have a DW 2000 single bass drum pedal posted on Craigslist, used but in excellent to like-new condition. Asking $50 for Drummerworld members, again please PM here as this is a discounted price for members.

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For payment I accept PayPal.

If someone wants everything listed above (the hardware set with bag and the pedal) I'll do everything for $320. Again, buyer pays all shipping (CONUS only) and we can discuss shipping cost via PM.

Thank you!
I love this hardware, light as a feather and the cymbal stands have never been a problem for even my 21" ride set low. I have 2 sets. This is a good deal for anyone who is in driving distance!
Wanted Zildjian K Sweets
Hello All, I'm in the market for some previously loved K Sweet cymbals. I'm hoping to find 15" hats, 18" & 19" crashes and a 21" ride. If you have some please reach out.
Best to all......
Yamaha Flying Dragon double pedal, all there, nothing missing, works smoothly, ready to play. Asking $250 or best offer. Will ship.

PM me, please.


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Shipping is to US buyers only; Canada we could possibly work something out. Local cash and pickup if you are north of Atlanta, GA. I accept Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal (Family/Friend). PM for pics, more info, etc. Open to reasonable offers.

SOLD - ATV aD5 Drum Module - loaded with $120 worth of extra instruments and kits from the ATV Sound Store and also comes with AC adapter, cable snake, mount, SD card, and manual. Very Good-Excellent condition.

$160 each shipped - Two 17" Unlock Jaws 2-zone chokable electronic cymbals - comes with rotation stopper. These are ATV-ish-like clones and Luke did a review on these on his YouTube channel, eDrumWorkshop. Brand New in the box; I only took them out to review and test.

SOLD - Yamaha PCY175 17" 3-zone chokable electronic cymbal - comes with rotation stopper and TRS cable. Works as 3-zone with Yamaha, ATV, Pearl, eDrumin modules and 2-zone with Roland and most other modules. Excellent condition.

SOLD - DW DWCP9900 9000 Series Heavy Duty Double-Braced Dual Tom Stand - Very Good condition and shows signs of slight wear.

SOLD - DW DWCP3710A 3000 Series Double-Braced Straight Cymbal Stand - Practically Mint condition; I only had it up for about a month at home. I may have another at same price and condition if you need two stands.

SOLD - Roland PDX-8 10" Dual Trigger Mesh Pad - Lightly played, performs flawlessly. 5ft TRS cable included.
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$450 on CL, $400 for forum members. Cincinnati/NKY area. No shipping, willing to meet up within about 30 miles.

PDP 3-sided rack. PDP chrome over steel 3 sided drum rack. Curved front bar, 2 straight side bars. Comes with 2 integrated boom arms, 7 multi clamps, and a DW auxiliary snare basket.

*** Price Reduced ***

Sonor Force3005, 6pc kit in gloss black wrap. 20”x17.5” Base drum, 14”x5.5” Snare, 10”x9” & 12”x10” Mounted Toms, 14”x14” Floor Tom and 14”x12”Hanging Tom.

Sonor 400 series hardware. Base pedal, Snare, Hi-Hat, (2) Mini-Booms, (1) Heavy Weighted Boom stand and mounting hardware for Hanging Tom.

Original owner. This kit has never left my home. Smoke free environment. Never used the 12” tom or 14”hanging tom. The kit was used for my therapy. I made some upgrades within the past few months such as new Batter & Reso. heads (Attack) on the Snare, (Remo Batter & Reso.) 10” and 14”Floor Toms, (Evens) Batter and (Remo Reso.) Base Drum.

New Sonor 4000 Mimi Boom Arm for the tom holder on base drum for Bop Kit style set-up.

New 2.3mm triple flange hoop sets on the 10” Mounted Tom and 14” Floor tom.

Comes with original black Sonor base drum Reso. head.

This kit was going to be my forever kit but life changes.

Kit would be a very good gigging kit that needs to be played and go to a good home.

Not shown but have pics of 12”x10” Mounted Tom and 14”x12”Hanging Tom with hardware.

Please see review:

Any questions, please PM me. Local pick up in Oshkosh, WI.

Asking $725 cash for kit & hardware for members. Thank you.




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