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For Sale - drum-tec DP-921FB Double Pedal with just one foot!! - 9000 Series - $125 shipped CONUSA via US Postal Service

For sale, the drum-tec DP-921which allows a single pedal to control two beaters; one controlled by the toe the other by the heel. This is the very rugged drum-tec model not the lighter weight version offered by others. I got this pedal with a used electric drum kit I bought and do not double pedal at all so I don’t need this pedal.
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Hello all. Looking for some help and hopefully obtain through purchase, trade or direction to contact one who is willing to part with a 18" Pro M 2006-on floor tom in Tobacco fade. The picture included is for reference and actual orphans. I have 2 bass 22x18, 16x16,14x14 floor toms and a 10x7 tom available. Thank you



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Selling a Yamaha DTX-900k Electronic Drum System.

This is a top of the line Yamaha DTX-900k electronic drum system. It retailed for $5400 in 2015. It is designed for the advanced drummer. If you’re looking to level-up your drum kit or play on-stage the DTX-900k is the kit for you.

The DTX-900M has 50 preset kits, 50 user kits. You also store up to 1584 user kits on an external USB drive. It features life like sounds from Yamaha’s Oak Custom, to Yamaha Beech Custom to Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kits and more. The DTX-900 Trigger module has 1115 Drum sounds including Yamaha Drum Samples, 6 individual Outputs. The DTX-900M can import samples for more realistic sounding drums. It also has MIDI & MIDI over USB. The module also has teaching tools like metronome and groove check to help keep you in time.

The 12" TCS 3 Zone Snare Pad - XP120SD is big like an acoustic snare. The 10" TCS 3 Zone Tom Tom Pad are larger and have great feel. All the pads use Yamaha’s Textured Cellular Silicone heads (TCS). They all have controller knobs to tune the drums just like an acoustic head. It has 3 Zone Cymbal Pads which are chokeable.

This set would be excellent for a church, gigging drummer, or intermediate to advance drummer.

DTX900M Trigger module, USB, MIDI
RS130 Aluminum electronic drum rack
KP125W Kick drum pad
12" TCS 3 Zone Snare Pad - XP120SD
3 - 10" TCS 3 Zone Tom Tom Pad
2 - 13” 3 zone, chokeable, crash cymbal - PCY135
15” 3 zone, chokeable, ride cymbal - PCY155
RHH135 (2 zone Hi-Hat pads)
Gibraltar drum throne
Stick holder
Drum kit cover
Yamaha snare stand

It has always been well taken care of indoors. Never been gigged with and never been outside. I’ve taken extra good good care of the drum set. I’m meticulous like that with these. The set up is only 6 years old. All the pads are in super condition. All the triggers work flawlessly. The kit sounds great no matter what kit you choose to use.

Asking $2750 or best offer.

This kit retailed for $5400.

Thanks for looking.



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Anybody have a marching tenor stand they want to part with? Just bought a set of tenors, got some new heads, tenor mallets....but don't have a stand. And I'm not doing the harness thing ;)


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Up for sale is a Brass Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Drum 5.5" x 14". Purchased off of e-bay in Dec. 2018.

Condition: this I had in my studio, never gigged, it's in immaculate shape.

Price: USD $350.00 plus shipping.



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I have a Mapex Saturn series 5 piece shell pack (kick and four toms) that I purchased new in 2011 and I'm trying to figure out a sell price. They are in excellent condition. Here are some pics. I am only selling the kick and toms. No snare and no hardware except for the tom mount. I'm just not sure of the depreciation value of a 10 year old shell pack. 210901_10150397466163861_2889142_o.jpg13873060_10153814077858861_511726245589333044_n.jpg