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1) If you are selling equipment, please give all relevant details. What are you selling, what condition is it in, how old is it, how much money are you asking for, what is the location of the equipment, will you allow pick up if bought locally, how much is shipping if it's not bought locally, where you are willing to ship. Post pictures or links to pictures if there are any available.

2) If you are interested in buying any equipment advertised please send the seller a PM or email and continue business privately from there on. Responding in this thread with a post like "I want to buy those cymbals, are they still for sale?" is likely to go unnoticed by the seller.

3) DrummerWorld will not be held liable for any aspect of any transaction resulting from any information in this thread. We provide this thread as an advertising interface.

4) This service is for private sellers only. No commercial ventures or spam allowed. Suspected spammers will be instantly and permanently banned from DrummerWorld. Please post your own photographs and respect copyrighted material.

5) This thread will remain Sticky, but all posts older than 90 days will be deleted in the interest of keeping things current. If your items are still for sale or if you are still looking for an item after your post has been deleted, please feel free to repost.
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Trip McNealy

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For Sale - cymbals, drums, and hardware (Mainland US, NJ)

I have a bunch of cymbals, drums and drum hardware I need to offload as soon as feasible. All items used in smoke-free environments and well-maintained and transported, so they are in Excellent condition showing only very minor signs of wear (e.g., some cymbals may have the slightest logo fade, hardware and drums may have typical "bag blemish"). Some items were hardly used at all. PM me for pics, pricing, shipping terms, etc. - I will be more than happy to oblige!
  • Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride (the newer logo/manufacturing style) (Traditional Finish)
  • Zildjian 20" K Dark Thin Crash (Traditional Finish)
  • Zildjian 20" K Custom Special Dry Crash
  • Sabian 22" Artisan Medium Ride (Traditional Finish)
  • TAMA Classic Flat Base Tom Stand
  • TAMA Classic Flat Base Straight Cymbal Stand
  • TAMA Iron Cobra 200 Series Hi-Hat Stand
  • Custom DIY 14" Electronic Kick Drum for electronic drums (Black wrap/Chrome hardware, built similar to a Roland KD-140 or Alesis Strike Pro kick)
  • Pork Pie BOB (Black Nickel over Brass) 14 x 6.5" Snare Drum (w/ upgraded Puresound wires)
  • Roland Octapad SPD-30-BK (Black, also comes with a Gator carrying base and mount)
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I have a Guru 14x6 Ovangkol snare (2019), as well as a Benny Greb snare, for sale. Both are in mint condition (with slight wear on the batter head). PM me if interested.
64360476_2298745670398724_4170893589263417344_n.jpg62439506_2668566286546517_958990502693175296_n.jpg62244880_500526343818516_3664761783970693120_n.jpg66725957_2181126878851750_1032375168611123200_n (1).jpg


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Wanted To Buy: Yamaha Live Custom 14" x 11" tom in Amber Shadow Sunburst. I'm looking to expand my set with that tom you have sitting around. You know the one. It looks like this:

Please let me know if I can take it off your hands for a fair price. Thanks in advance.


For Sale : New Yamaha BCAN Japan made
Cast hoops 20x16, 10x8, 12x10,14x14 floor ,16x16 floor all hardware included .
No shipping CA pickup $1850
Actual kit in video


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Bump -- last three days to get this pricing. If you're interested, PM me or contact me directly at jeffATcarolinadrumworksDOTcom.


Here's a rare opportunity, which I'm posting on two favorite forums for a limited time with special pricing for forum members. This great-looking solid steambent Bubinga 6.5x14 snare drum shell (with Bubinga re-rings) has a beautiful gloss finish and is ready for its build-out. It was intended as a demo at a trade show but missed the time window and now needs a home. It will be fitted out with our proprietary signature tube lugs (solid brass posts, polished stainless steel tubes), Trick multi strainer, Puresound wires, Evans G1/300 or equivalent, and either diecast or 2.3mm triple flange hoops. The hardware scheme could be brass/chrome, brass/black nickel, or chrome/chrome.

Regular street price of this completed drum is $900 USD with diecast hoops, or $850 with triple flange, but IT'S AVAILABLE TO FORUM MEMBERS AT 10% OFF until the end of this month. After that it goes into stock inventory at regular pricing.

Also available with shaped and inlaid wood hoops at an extra charge, if you prefer.

Another option, since snare beds have not yet been cut, is that it could be fitted out as a wonderful concert snare with Pearl SR500 Philharmonic strainer, triple cables, and gated diecast hoops for $1,100 minus the same 10% discount.

TERMS: Shipping is $40 to lower 48 states US. This drum is NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING TO ANY OTHER LOCATIONS. Purchase requires non-refundable down payment of 50% with the balance due when the drum is ready to ship (4 to 6 weeks). Payment by PayPal ONLY. North Carolina delivery requires 6.75% sales tax. To purchase, please contact me by PM on this forum -- first contact, first served.

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double bass man

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Wanted: Pair of 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals. Suitable for small jazz combo style. Light'ish sound--not heavy.
eg: Zildjian 'New Beats' / Light 'K'/ K-Constantinoples---or similar. What have you? PM me with if you have--condition / price. UK only.


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Selling a Trick Pro-1V / Bigfoot double bass pedal. The reason I am listing as both models is because I have two swappable footboards, as you can see in the pictures with the Reverb ad. So basically both the longboard and shortboard versions. The swappable boards cost about $250 by themselves.

This listing is inclusive of the Trick laser triggers that you can purchase for this model (they cost $599 new). The best triggering system on the market with no chance of false hits or double triggering due to the design.

There is some wear and tear on this as it has been used. I have put Trick pedal grip tape on two of the boards, but you can always remove it.

Do note that there are quite a few scratches, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep and there's no problem with the functioning of this double bass pedal. Also, for some reason, a few screws have got rust on them, but it's nothing baking soda won't fix.

Looking for $850.

Willing to ship internationally with insurance at actual cost.



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Hi all,

I have a few things I need to get rid of that are taking up space in my home...
1. Trick Driveshaft for double pedals. This is the one that fits Tama/Pearl/etc and not DW. I didn't use it very much at all so functionally it's not far from new. $100+shipping (shouldn't be much). Open to reasonable offers.
2. A Tama Iron Cobra double kick pedal case. If you want it, it's yours for free--just cover the shipping (probably around $20)
3. A Ludwig "UFO" snare case. Likewise, free if you want it, just pay shipping (maybe around $30)
4. A Tama Iron Cobra Pedal Glide double pedal right side that's pretty beat up but functional. $20+shipping.

Feel free to message me with any questions!


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ISO: drum kit in a 24,13,16 setup. I’m located in Alberta Canada so I would need the seller to be able to ship here. Only thing is it has to be 24x14-15 BD, 13x9 rack, and 16x14 floor. Not particular to any brands. The 16x14 floor is the kicker here, as it’s more the “fast tom” size and traditional drum kits with my other sizes all have a 16x16.

Alex Sanguinetti

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Very rare Bass Drum pedal Sonor from the 50´s. Garanty you never played any pedal as soft and smooth as this.

Price is 90 Euros plus shipping anywhere in the world (beater not included).

Please for any inquiry contact me at my email: .................

Pedal aleman a.JPGpedal bombo sonor.jpgPedal aleman c.JPGPedal aleman MARCA.jpg

Alex Sanguinetti

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Tom Sonor Lite (the highest quality of sound during the 80´s, exactly 1983) tom of 13 inches white modified to be used also as floor tom.

It was modified because it is very difficult to find a single (orfan) floor tom from those series.

Chrome like the first day, a couple of little spots at paint. Very high sound quality and light weight.

The wood is Scandinavian Birch. It can be used as Tom Tom or Floor Tom as well. Comes with those three legs you see at photos.

Price 180 euros plus shipping anywhere.

Please contact me for any inquiry at: .................

Sonor Liite 13 .jpgcatalogo.jpgSonor lite 13 parado.JPGsonor lite 13 tom completo patas.JPGsonor lite 13 herrajes.JPG
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14x6.5 Pearl Reference Series Brass Snare Drum in Good or Excellent Condition

Message me If you have one..



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George Way Walnut snare drum, $400, would prefer to sell locally (mid-Atlantic region) but I will consider shipping for actual costs. Please be aware, I don't have shipping materials on hand, so that may take a little time.

Drum is in excellent condition, I just want to make room for something different.



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WTT/WTS Mapex Mayan 2010 Limited Edition Black Panther snare drum (14") and bass drum (20").

Rarely - if ever will you find this edition of these drums on the market.

1) This particular snare is one of only two "black edition" Mayan snares created for a collaboration with Beyond Shimano (Mapex Japan). Unlike the original Mayan snares, the hardware is all black chrome for a sleek, austere finish befitting the image of a black panther. 14", steel. Wear evident on the head, but this could be easily swapped out. Mapex Black Panther Snare drum case included.

2) The Mayan bass drum is one of very few ever made. Apart from the limited edition snares, Mapex produced a mere handful of Mayan-themed Custom Edition Saturn kits. 20", maple/walnut. This is a warm, punchy kick drum, outfitted with an Aquarian Super Kick II and Evans Double Kick patch. Excellent cosmetic condition.

I'd really hate to let these go, but my heartstrings are tugging for a Sonor SQ1 or Vintage kit.

Trades preferred, but will also sell (for the latter, asking $2,000, PayPal accepted). I'm in NorCal and would prefer a local sale, but can ship if the buyer is willing to cover the cost for FedEx shipping, insurance and packing.

Trades highly considered for:
  • Sonor SQ1 shell(s), GT Black finish (In any of these sizes: 10", 12", 14", 18", 20")
  • Sonor Vintage shell(s), Onyx finish (In any of these sizes: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20")
  • Sonor SQ2 shell(s), Matte Black or any natural finish (In any of these sizes: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20")
  • Canopus Custom snare drums
  • Sonor SQ2 (African Marble, Dark Roots finish) snare drums. 12" and 13" sizes are a plus, but not a requirement. Any shell material and construction welcome for consideration.
  • Earthworks drum mics (DM20, SR25, SR20LS...)

Trades maybe considered for:
  • Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple shells, Piano Black or Vintage Natural finish (In any of these sizes: 10", 12", 14", 16", 20")
This is my first time posting on DrummerWorld, so I included my feedback profiles from other sites: