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1) If you are selling equipment, please give all relevant details. What are you selling, what condition is it in, how old is it, how much money are you asking for, what is the location of the equipment, will you allow pick up if bought locally, how much is shipping if it's not bought locally, where you are willing to ship. Post pictures or links to pictures if there are any available.

2) If you are interested in buying any equipment advertised please send the seller a PM or email and continue business privately from there on. Responding in this thread with a post like "I want to buy those cymbals, are they still for sale?" is likely to go unnoticed by the seller.

3) DrummerWorld will not be held liable for any aspect of any transaction resulting from any information in this thread. We provide this thread as an advertising interface.

4) This service is for private sellers only. No commercial ventures or spam allowed. Suspected spammers will be instantly and permanently banned from DrummerWorld. Please post your own photographs and respect copyrighted material.

5) This thread will remain Sticky, but all posts older than 90 days will be deleted in the interest of keeping things current. If your items are still for sale or if you are still looking for an item after your post has been deleted, please feel free to repost.
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This maybe a dumb question, but isn't there a better way to list out this stuff like This is just a large thread with tons of stuff. It's pretty time consuming to dig through each page.

Apart from other moderator's opinions (who also don't want to deal with this afaik) this is my 2ct.
WTB: Paiste Signature or Prototype 14" bottom only Hi Hat cymbal.
Etched blue/green/black 13x7 Pork Pie brass snare. Best looking PP brass snare I have seen the coloring is fabulous.

Evans UV1 batter (not the Remo Amb pictured)

Pretty much mint.

$335 including CONUS shipping.

Payment via PayPal. Shipping to your verified PP address.


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Looking to buy a pair of “Valje” made by LP Armando Peraza cherry wood congas (quinto and conga or conga and tumba).
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Wanted: Angel drum hoops 14-10 hole batter and snare side.

Possible trade for equal quality kit any brand with 22X14 or 20X14 kick. This 4 pc shell pack is 8x10 9X12 11X14 18X22 in good players condition. The fl. tom has legs (the pic shows it hanging, I've added legs since then)Tama Starclassic Performer all birch 2003-2006 model. Would like to trade for a kit with 14X20 or 14X22 kick, tom diameters are not as important, but no deep ones. More pic and info upon request.


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Hi guys,

I have a DW Jazz Series 6 piece red sparkle set I'd like to sell. I believe I used it four times, and then it sat in my house for almost two years now. Die cast hoops on toms and floor toms. The sizes are 12" and 13" toms, 16" and 18" floor toms, 22" x 18" bass drum (no mount), and 14" x 5 1/2" matching snare drum. These are the maple/gum shells. Also included is a DW 5000 Series double tom stand. Absolutely beautiful condition, I bought them new and hardly played them and want to reduce the amount of drums I have. Looking to get $3,000 from a forum member or would consider a trade involving a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 3 piece set in top shelf condition. Or maybe cash and some other drum stuff I'm sure I don't need. (You guys know what I'm talking about). Local pick-up only in Lancaster, Pa area.


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Ludwig Drum, Atlas Tom Mount $45


Designed to mount off an existing stand.

Ball 1.5” dia, L-Rod .5” dia. (12.5mm)

Accept Pay-Pal only.

*Free UPS delivery to US lower 48.*

Any questions, please feel free to contact me though DW.
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Wanted!!! 12 or 13" Pearl Masters Studio in Vintage Sunburst finish

I picked up a great little kit but it needs a 12" or 13" tom. I've asked on a couple of Pearl groups on Facebook but potential scammers swarmed to me like I was wearing bacon pants at the kennel.

Thanks in advance!


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FS: INDE drum kit

13x8”, 16x14, 20x40 flex tuned maple shells. Has DW tom mount and cymbal mount. Has XLR mounted on kick shell and wired inside for your kick mic.

In excellent condition, no dings, scratches or anything else that shouldn’t be there. Comes with Aquarian modern vintage heads top and bottom. Red hydraulic kick batter head.

$1500 plus shipping (from central Calif)


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