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1) If you are selling equipment, please give all relevant details. What are you selling, what condition is it in, how old is it, how much money are you asking for, what is the location of the equipment, will you allow pick up if bought locally, how much is shipping if it's not bought locally, where you are willing to ship. Post pictures or links to pictures if there are any available.

2) If you are interested in buying any equipment advertised please send the seller a PM or email and continue business privately from there on. Responding in this thread with a post like "I want to buy those cymbals, are they still for sale?" is likely to go unnoticed by the seller.

3) DrummerWorld will not be held liable for any aspect of any transaction resulting from any information in this thread. We provide this thread as an advertising interface.

4) This service is for private sellers only. No commercial ventures or spam allowed. Suspected spammers will be instantly and permanently banned from DrummerWorld. Please post your own photographs and respect copyrighted material.

5) This thread will remain Sticky, but all posts older than 90 days will be deleted in the interest of keeping things current. If your items are still for sale or if you are still looking for an item after your post has been deleted, please feel free to repost.
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This Pacific CX has very little use. It has been restained and Gretsch contoured maple hoops added along with a new 3 position DW butt plate, new mag throw and 42 strand wires. Bob played it and called it one of the best maples he's ever heard. Also liked the chocolate milk antique finish and "worn" look which he said gives the drum "status". Bob's grandpa played with Grady Jones and the Texas Ramrods so Bob has a pretty good idea what's what musically. If you have any questions I'll pass them on to him as soon as his hearing comes back after the explosion in March. Doctor says he should be at 75% in a couple weeks. If you want to buy this drum or make an offer I'd be happy to package it up for you. It will also put a smile on Bob's face. (won't hurt 'cause he's on pain meds) $250 includes shipping to your whereabouts.

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HighWood Custom 41 ply birch and Zebrano Snare drum (yep - 41 plies) - this is a beast of a drum but i have too many snares and need to downsize. batter head is textured for brushwork and has only be used in one gig. Wooden hybrid rims as well. brand new wires



UK sales only please. £500 includes postage


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Pearl free floating snare drum in good condition with nearly new batter head - includes hard case. Customised with zebrano veneer (rare).

UK only please - £320 - includes postage


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Unusual free floating brass snare converted from a picolo to a 6.5 inch snare. Massive new snare wire. batter head nearly new. just dusty really.




UK sales only please - £250 including postage


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Converted 10inch tom into timbale - black with red glitter decal - includes mount. batter head used but very good. £70 includes postage (uk only)
black plastic bongos with synthetic skin - nice addition to the left side of your toms. £35 includes postage uk only
8 inch rototom. nice for a project - £35 including postage to uk only
+/- 40cm high kambala djembe - good travel size. brand new skin. £45 including uk postage
Paiste crash - one crack on rim stopped with hole. no effect on sound. project? £45 including uk postage
home made wooden timbale 14 inch from floor tom with mounbt in picture. £40 including postage in UK
This is a krin type drum made from a kamabala djembe carcass. includes sticks. makes at least 4 distinct sounds. look up krin on youtube.
£80 includes uk postage

Here is a cool mini bodhran made from a kambala djembe. it has a tunable skin from inside cams and has a cutaway for comfort in holding it.
£50 including uk postage
Here is a nearly new tuneable bodhran 15 inch i believe - includes carry case and beater. £60 includes uk postage


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Last but not least ...
I made this cajon. just haven't used it for years now. bass woofer hole, adjustable snare wires, stunning front panel, finger cymbal and tambourine devices on the right side. a bit steam punk.


£200 including uk postage


WANTED: Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum Set with 20" bass drum, 14" floor tom, 10" & 12" mounted toms and 14" snare.
Prefer Black but will consider other finishes. I don't care if they are scratched up as long as they are in excellent playing shape (bearing edges, etc.). I've wanted this set for a long time and I've decided to get it before my health gets worse and I have to stop playing. I don't have the money for a new set so I'm looking for a used set or one scratched up in shipping.

I would greatly appreciate everybody keeping an eye open and letting me know if you know of one for sale.

Thanks to all...Bill

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I've got a 2011 Gretsch Renown 5 pc for sale to anyone near Pittsburgh, PA. I'll travel up to 100 miles to meet halfway but I'm not interested in shipping. Eastern OH, Northern WV and MD, Western and Central PA would be about as far as I'd like to go. Hit me up here via PM for best deal.

Condition of the set is like new/excellent. Drums have been kept in padded cases when not in use in my smoke free home studio. These are pro level drums with 100% N. American maple shells, rims mounts, die cast hoops, Smoke colored Emperors on toms, Coated EMAD on kick, and Gretsch's proprietary silver sealer on the inside of the shells. These are GEN 1 which are considered by many to be as close to a USA Custom kit you can get for half the price. Sizes are as follows: 22x18, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 16x14. Floor tom legs and 3 tom holders ARE included.

NOT included: snare, cymbals, or any stands. Price is $900 cash if local pickup and $900 via paypal if meeting halfway.

Here's some pics.

8x6 crop.jpgavatar.jpgcrop 8x6 2.jpg4 sale 1.jpg4 sale 2.jpg


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Thanks mate! It is on the way - please let me know what you think.
Your book, "The Drum Curriculum Workbook" is great.
I love the little touches and bits of information. It's concise, clear and takes you along the drumming journey with great suggestions (e.g. tracks to listen to). I've accumulated a pile of drum related books and different books do serve different purposes but this is staying right at the top and will become well used. (y)


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Your book, "The Drum Curriculum Workbook" is great.
I love the little touches and bits of information. It's concise, clear and takes you along the drumming journey with great suggestions (e.g. tracks to listen to). I've accumulated a pile of drum related books and different books do serve different purposes but this is staying right at the top and will become well used. (y)
That is a very kind endorsement KJIB - I am pleased it will be of help. Thanks mate.


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$350 - Gretsch Catalina Birch Special Edition in Ebony Satin: 20" kick, 10" & 12" toms only. Box 1 of 2 (box 2 got crushed in shipping). Brand new, never set up or played.
Gretsch Catalina Birch.jpgGretsch Birch2.jpg


WANTED: Yamaha Recording Custom 14x13' floor tom - prefer black to match rest of my 2019 kit.
If you come across one please let me know. THANKS


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I built this snare in early 2010 and the rest of the kit in late 2011, and they've had a great home and excellent care with a career pro who's letting them go after almost a decade. I'm not at all involved in the sale, but I'm posting the link in hopes they'll go to another owner who understands what he/she is getting. Absolutely stunning solid wood with inlays on all the drums, and the wonderful sound of canarywood.

Details in this link: