The best bass drum sound!


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I ordinarily play bop kits and love the 18" kicks.
But earlier this year I bought a 22"x18" Sakae Almighty birch on a whim and, wow, that drum has a heavenly tone. I may become a convert to larger sized drums.


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I played Jack's double bass Rosewood Phonic kit taking a lesson at his house. I also saw him live a couple of times playing a double bass kit. At the time Barry Altschul and Stu Martin were also playing double bass kits tuned up pretty tight.
I've recently heard a live Gateway performance from the 70's on Youtube. Not the best recording quality, but the two basses are clearly audible.


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I can think of two bass drums that turned my head when I heard them.
One was in a GC store - gave it one thump and my jaw dropped.
Stupidly though, I don't know what it was.
Probably too shocked and in a hurry to think about examining it closely. :ROFLMAO:

The other was a Gretsch video that someone posted here.
After thinking about it for a second though, I realized that almost anything's possible with current studio technology.

I have an 18x16 Ludwig 'power bass' that continues to amaze and surprise me,
from the wide range of tuning it's capable of, to the amount of punch it has while retaining a beautiful blossoming boom,
to the volume put out from such a small size. A true keeper if there ever was one.

The 'best' in the thread title could be interpreted in a lot of ways by different people though.
Some think lowest pitch is best, some think loudest volume, greatest tuning range,
length of the boom, sheer power of the punch, and on and on.
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Ludwig Thermogloss 24x14 (1972), Ludwig 24x14 Classic Maple, Mapex Saturn IV 22x20, Gretsch Renown 22x18, Sonor Prolite 22x17.5, Noble & Cooley Walnut Classic 22x16.

Side note: The main reason I sold my Ludwig Classic Maple kit that I had just put together recently was that I couldn't get the same kick sound with the 22x14 as I could with the 24x14 size.

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Best a acoustic bass drum sound I have heard is 22 x 16 stave maple bass drum, I think it’s hefty weight and construction method has something to do with the immense low mids and directness, makes all ply drum kicks sound lacking. Really no need for any kind of enhancement just a Beta 52 or D112 and your good to go. A good kick sound is essential and often overlooked.

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I love what I have now: Gretsch Catalina Club mahogany 22x20 "cannon" kick. Wide open, Evans EMAD batter, stock reso head with a KickPort.
Tuned right, it's a perfect combo of punch & boom AND it fits in a standard kick drum bag. ;)


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I think it was around 2002 or 2003. I always went to a shop in Zwolle which doesn't exist anymore. Believe it's now a music school, but then it was a drum store. I went there with a friend to check out a new crash. Can't really remember what drumset was in the practice/try out room, but the bassdrum was yummy! I had a clear Powerstroke 3 on it and had the nicest low thud i heard up until then.

The also sold Ayotte kits and a few Customs line models as well. Vividly remembering tapping the front head of a Ayotte bass drum and ever since then i want an Ayotte kit hehe

For now i have clear Pinstripes on my 2 bass drums and those have the exact sound that i want. Very happy with them :)


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I love the way this kick sounds. He's a fantastic player too. Some of that sound is from his technique of keeping the beater off the head.

one that stood out for me was a 18x22 GMS Grandmaster series.


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Personally: My Ludwig Club Date SE bass drum, with stock heads, no port hole, and a small pillow inside. Closely followed by the same drum with coated Ambs (+ felt strip) on both sides, and an offset port hole in the reso head.